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Kennedy's Architecture, Digital Design, and Filmmaking Magnet
Every attempt will be made to provide each student with programs that meet their academic needs and fulfill the requirements of colleges and universities in California and throughout the United States. Our goal is to provide our students with experiences which offer them greater awareness of the urban and technological worlds in which they live. They will learn about the influences upon their environment and on them as portrayed through various 21st century art forms.
Beginning with the Art History course which covers many aspects of visual literacy including media and culture, students will then be able to choose one of three career paths:

• Architecture
• digital imaging
• filmmaking

Using state-of-the-art technology, students will pursue their interest in one of these fields while taking inter-disciplinary academic courses.
The academic and job related skills emphasized in this program will be:

• critical thinking,
• visual presentation (speaking),
• collaboration

We are in the process of forming an exciting partnership with the brand new LA HI-TECH Consortium which will partner the magnet school with LA Mission College and Pasadena City College. LA HI-TECH Regional Consortium will provide secondary and postsecondary students with an opportunity to participate in Information and Communications Technology sector career pathways to include: Design, Visual, and Media Arts (DVMA).
In addition to career pathways, students will participate in work-based learning engagement activities with employers, project-based learning engagement activities with faculty, internships, and receive college credit while in high school to accelerate their progress to receive certificates, degrees and transfers to four-year universities.
All first year students take Art History, the foundation course. Students are trained in:

• visual concepts of composition
• form
• space
• color
• line
• perspective
• value

Students are then introduced to the career paths listed below:
• Architecture - creating a variety of structures with a focus on design and space planning using traditional methods and CAD.
• Digital Design - create criteria for graphic design and desktop publishing while acquiring and refining skills on various multi-media programs.
• Filmmaking - students demonstrate ideas and skills through designing, producing, and presenting film and video projects.

For more information on the Magnet Program contact: Ms. Wellbaum, Magnet Program Coordinator Magnet Program Office located in A building, Monday -Friday (818) 271-2912