Welcome to the College Center

 Welcome to the John F. Kennedy High School College Center




 The mission of the John F. Kennedy High School College Center is to encourage students in all grades to learn about college admissions and financial aid opportunities. We assist our students with the entire college admissions process, from college selection through understanding financial aid awards. Our goal is to ensure that all graduating seniors have an opportunity to obtain a college degree that will help them meet their life goals.




Mr. Lorin Abarr, College Counselor

(Parents: use Jupiter to message Mr. Abarr)



Seniors: Please refer to the attachments to the right, “Important Dates for Seniors 17-18” (be sure to print both pages!) for month-by-month reminders about important deadlines and action items.  I will also use Jupiter and email to remind you of upcoming deadlines and other details.


The financial aid deadline was March 2nd, but you may still submit your FAFSA or CA Dream Act application to receive financial aid. Visit the College Center for assistance.


Also, be sure to explore local scholarships!  Our list is updated weekly.  Click on "SCHOLARSHIPS" to the right to get started.