WRC and Portfolio Forms

John F. Kennedy High School has a tradition of graduating students who are well prepared for the 21st century and completing the various components of the Senior Portfolios helps our students realize this goal.
 2017-2018 Portfolio Interviews

April 16th to April 27th


March 9th - Teachers will recieve portfolio covers from Mr.Castañeda

March 13th - Due date for all portfolio artifact items to be completed and turned into teachers.

April 3rd - All portfolios are due to Mr.Castañeda

April 30th to May 4th - Make up interviews



Interviews will be scheduled ahead of time, and appointments are from 8:15 AM to 12 PM.


If you cannot make it to your interview appointment, please contact Mr.Castañeda (in the Assistant Principal's office) ahead of time.



All files/documents needed for the Portfolio Interviews are located to your right on the side panel.


 Items needed for the WRC Interviews are located below.


Templates have been provided for your reference.




In the section below, you will find files that contain documents needed for the WRC Interviews.