Graduation Requirements
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Required Classes To Receive Diploma:

Each student must earn a minimum of 230 credits between the ninth and twelfth grades to be graduated from an LAUSD high school.

  • 40 credits of English
  • 30 credits of Social Studies
  • 20 credits of College Prep Math (Algebra and Geometry)
  • 20 credits of Lab Science (10 Physical and 10 Biological)
  • 20 credits of Physical Education
  • 10 credits of Visual/Performing Arts (Art, Drama, Music)
  • 10 credits of Technical Arts
    (Business/Computers, Home Economics, Industrial Arts)
  • 5 credits of Health
  • 5 credits of Introduction to Computers or Certification of Competency
  • 5 credits of Life Skills in 21st Century (formerly ECP)
  • 30 credits in a Career Pathway
  • 40 credits of Electives

Proficiency Tests Required To Receive Diploma:

  • California State High School Exit Exam [Class of 2004 and beyond]
  • High School Proficiency Tests - Sharp, Write and Topics [Class of 2003 only]

Credits and Classes Required for UC/CSU Admission:
  • 40 credits of English
  • 20 credits of Social Studies
  • 30 credits of College Prep Math, 40 credits recommended
  • 20 credits of Lab Science, 30 credits recommended
  • 20 credits of Foreign Language, 30 credits recommended
  • 10 credits Visual/Performing Arts (Art, Drama, Music)
    • Class of 2004 & 2005 - 10 credits must be from either Visual Arts or Performing Arts
    • Class of 2006 and beyond - must be from a yearlong class
  • 10 credits of College Prep Electives (English, Social Studies, Advanced Math, Lab Science, Foreign Language)
Portfolio Requirements:
  • Personal Resume
  • Autobiography
  • Vision Statement ( Education and Career Goals)
  • Transcript (Courses and Grades)
  • Samples of Work Assignments
  • Attendance Record
  • Certificates and Awards
  • School Activities
  • Specialized Electives
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
LAUSD Eligibility Requirements
To participate in sports, sports auxiliary groups, band, play production or Student Government, students must have a "C" average on the most recent 10 or 20 week report card. A Summer School grade can replace a Spring grade for the same subject for eligibility in the Fall.

Summer School Information
A student may make up required classes that were failed but may not take classes required for the next grade level. Students must have written counselor approval for summer school classes.