Working to Build a Safe and Drug-Free World

What is Impact?

Impact is the name of the Los Angeles Unified School District�s prevention and early intervention curriculum-based, student assistance program for secondary schools. The program is designed to provide students with the skills and support required for them to make positive life choices.

The goal of Impact is to improve student achievement. Impact is not an acronym. It is so named because it makes a positive impact on students� lives. Impact provides a system for the identification, referral, and support of students who are exhibiting behavior of concern related to possible substance abuse or violence.

Each middle and high school has an Impact Coordinator and a Core Team of teachers and other staff members who are responsible for implementing and maintaining the components of the program.

What are the Components?
  • Each school site has incorporated into their respective school safety plans and policies and procedures relating to student possession or use of drugs, alcohol/or tobacco.

  • Awareness activities and education on the effects of drug abuse, resistance skills, and intervention strategies are provided for the entire school community on an ongoing basis.

  • Identification and referral is a twofold process in which an Impact coordinator interviews and pre-assesses a student who is having problems at home, in school or in the community. A determination is then made as to what services would be needed, if any.

A student needing support may be placed, (with parent permission) in a teacher-facilitated educational support group that meets once a week during the school day.

Group Curriculum:
  • Alcohol, Tobacco and Other Drug
  • Recovery
  • Concerned Persons
  • Crisis
  • Grief Crisis
  • IMPACT Plus
  • IMPACT Drug Information Group
If a student is in need of service not provided at the Kennedy High School, he or she may be referred to an appropriate community agency or resource.

Referrals to the program may be made to the IMPACT Coordinator by anyone connect to the school site: students, staff, parents, community agencies, or the juvenile justice system.

For more information contact:
Program Coordinator
(818) 363 � 6794