Welcome to John F. Kennedy High School
John F. Kennedy High School, in Granada Hills, California is one of the forty-nine comprehensive high schools of the Los Angeles Unified School District. It is located on a twenty-eight acre site in the foothill of the north San Fernando Valley. Serving an ethnically diverse student population from the Granada Hills, San Fernando, Mission Hills, Pacoima and Greater Los Angeles areas. Kennedy High opened in 1971. It is fully accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges and offers a full complement of academic, vocational, and elective courses. Kennedy High's fully credentialed faculty is outstanding: over forty of the staff hold advanced degrees beyond their bachelor's degree. A complete counseling staff, career and college advisors, psychologist and other support personnel are available to assist students and parents.

"We the members of the J.F.K community, strive to offer an effective education to our diverse student population and to provide them with the skills they will need to become positive contributors to the twenty-first century."

Hail to thee, oh Kennedy; Hail to thee, oh Brown and Gold, Hail to those who made you so brave and mighty; strong and bold. For we know that you are best; strive to win at every test We are loyal to you, Kennedy; for we love you, Kennedy.

Oh, Cougars fight with all your might as we meet on the field. Their team can't hold our Brown and Gold, and we will never yield. Our spirit's bright; our cause is right; our goal is victory. We'll win the game and earn our fame; fight on for Kennedy!

MASCOT: The Golden Cougar

COLORS: Brown and Gold