Closure information


My name is Sarah Dixon and I am your child’s Child Development teacher.  I know that this has been a hard time and we are all learning.  I have a few things in place to help students continue learning. 

First, I will be putting all the upcoming assignments in Schoology (information and submission of work) and Google classroom (secondary information platform only).  

I will use the remind app for quick correspondence and student questions.  This app doesn't give out my number or give me access to student numbers.  I encourage students to text as often as they want, but I may not answer if it is late at night. 

Zoom video conferencing sessions will be held on a regular schedule that will be posted by the school and on my Google and Schoology pages. To join Zoom sessions, students must use their school email only.

Attendance will be taken by engagement.  This means that I must have some contact with the student on their designated day by 2:15 pm daily.  This will be discussed in class.

 If you have any questions, please email me

Remind codes and Google classroom codes have been sent in Schoology.

Zoom Information for all classes will be found on Schoology.


Thank you and be well