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Mr.George Brown

Sender George Brown
Posted On 2011-02-25
Year 1974
Memoir In 1974, last day of school, in June of that year

We lost a Beautiful, viberant, young lady. Bubbles Brown, a Junior. A member in strong standing on the girls Gymnastic team. Due to a car accident. As she legaly made a "U" turn, to go home. The other student who's name remains annonymous, was speeding. This other student tried to stop in time. Squeeled his Brakes. But the small Honda Civic, was broadsided. She Miss. Brown, was totaly thrown into a comatose state. She never recoverd.I saw her being extracted from her squashed car. Please Please students Remember this!!!! DRIVE SAFELY, AND SOBER. ALWAYS. YOUR LIFE DEPENDS ON IT. GOD BLESS ALL KENNEDY STUDENTS. Remember Bubbles Brown. (no relation),

Best to all, new drivers. Safety is utmost. Save a life. Seat Belt, sober. slow down, and look.

Thank You George G. Brown Class of 75.

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