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Howie Long

Sender marc cresta
Posted On 2012-08-24
Year 1983
Memoir I graduated JFK in 1983,One thing that sticks out for me was the visit by The NFL great Howie Long just before graduation.The man was huge in stature and as a player with the Raiders.The man was a monster on the field.Well anyway the guys on stage giving us our goodluck with your future this and that pep talk.It may as well have been said in a different language because the females were cat calling the big guy so loud it was making him blush with all those things he was saying could hardly be heard over the i love you Howies and screams like Elvis had just entered the building .I know i wont ever forget the great Howie Long paying us a visit or what the poor guy had to put up with.Maybe he shoulnt have worn that good looking 3 piece suit...Marc Cresta class of 83

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