Kennedy to receive Space Labs from Raytheon and John F. Kennedy Library Foundation

In the JFK Space Lab, students will:

  • Grow plants with special cameras and sensors
  • Perform DNA analysis with the same equipment used on the ISS
  • Complete an online course that includes a simulated mission to the ISS
  • Monitor the orbital path of the ISS
  • Venture outdoors with antennas and other software to attempt radio contact with the ISS and other entities
  • Build an electronics kit to explore heat flows and then write code to operate the same experiment on the ISS

All labs are led by school-designated teachers with training and maintenance support from the ISS National Lab. Because each experiment is connected to the International Space Station, students can compare their JFK Space Lab experiment results with real scientists and astronauts in space.

"These five schools emerged as ideal candidates for JFK Space Labs because they demonstrated a commitment to advance STEM education throughout their school community, as well as to honor the legacy of their namesake," said Steven M. Rothstein, executive director of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation. "It was President Kennedy who inspired America's first national moonshot and ushered in an era of unprecedented science and technology innovation. The JFK Space Labs program, made possible by Raytheon's generous support, carries his legacy forward by using STEM to excite today's youth to continue improving and advancing life on Earth and beyond."

"Like other programs in our STEM education partner network, JFK Space Labs promises to engage students by immersing them in the science and research that astronauts are performing 250 miles above their classrooms every day," said ISS National Lab Chief Operating Officer Ken Shields. "Together with Raytheon and the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation, we look forward to implementing these labs at schools that are going above and beyond to inspire the next generation of moonshot thinkers."

The JFK Space Labs program is made possible by Raytheon's $1.5 million sponsorship of the John F. Kennedy Library Foundation to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing and the technological leadership of the nation's first moonshot. For more information about JFK Space Labs and its complimentary companion program, JFK Space Labs Explorers, visit

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