Kennedy Film Magnet Garners National Award, Networking Opportunities for Students

Eleventh-graders selected by JFK film teacher Aaron Lemos have been interviewing panelists, networking with network executives and live-streaming from the summit at the Skirball Center.

“I want Aaron’s students to have real-world experience…and be able to network with companies that could potentially be their future employers,” said Victor Harwood, founder and CEO of the educational summit.

Student Daniel Molina said he had to overcome his initial anxiety about interviewing professionals and concentrate instead on getting the job done.

“I had to really step up my communication skills and ask better questions,” he said. “We are doing live feeds so I have to think about what my audience would be interested in.”

Joining the students is Robert Reber, a graduate of the communications magnet at Grant High School who is working in the entertainment industry and provided equipment for the live broadcast. Kevin Clark, executive director of the Dakar Foundation for the Performing Arts, also helped with the broadcasting and networking activities.

Panel discussions included a session titled “Accelerating Education Innovation through Media-Entertainment-Technology,” which highlighted how technology has changing the entertainment landscape. It featured young people learn with technology. It featured Hall Davidson, senior director for Global Learning Initiatives for the Discovery Channel, and Shirin Laor-Raz Salemnia, former executive of Mattel toys and current CEO of PlayWerks.

“This was a great panel…I like the fact that the professionals are really concerned for our future,” said JFK junior Julia Tocher. “They want us prepared for careers in media, design and coding. The statistic about needing 1 million people by 2020 in these careers is really amazing.”