Navy JROTC Marches in Parades, Visits Battleships, and Competes in Several Competitions

This fantastic field trip experience allows Kennedy’s NJROTC cadets to see this massive ship up close first-hand. Cadets learn about its fascinating history, meet actual Navy sailors, and see what sailor life is like. This event also teaches cadets about the historical significance of the weaponry of the time. It is like taking a walk back through time.
During this field meet our PT team competed against different branches of the JROTC program such as Army, Air Force, and the Navy. The awards we earned were 5th Place Torpedo Run and Best Sportsmanship. Once we got back from our Field Meet the cadets that participated in the Competition earned the Inter-service Ribbon. Although we were tired we never gave up and we tried hard until the very end.
During this event, cadets from JROTC programs from the area showed their pride by marching alongside men and women who are currently serving in the armed forces and veterans who have previously served. Kennedy cadets started off at San Fernando Mission Road and marched all the way to Richie Valens Park on Paxton Street where they stopped to enjoy a picnic lunch with military men and women. Along the way, spectators cheered on the various JROTC programs, showed their respect for active and retired military, and honor those who have fallen in the line of duty.
In this event local NJROTC programs compete in various areas including: pushups, situps, pullups, timed arm hang, 1600 relay, 220 relay, basketball, Socko, volleyball, and the Torpedo Run. The competition is intensive and exhilarating! NJROTC cadets socialize with cadets from other schools and learn new tip on how to advance their individual and team scores. Kennedy was awarded 1st place in male push-ups, 2nd place female push-ups, and 2 individual awards.
Kennedy NJROTC cadets went to San Diego, CA to tour the USS MIDWAY. On the USS MIDWAY there was a virtual battle plane simulation that cadets could get on and simulate a pilot in war. In this simulation, cadets are asked to complete tasks including: getting gas for the plane, shooting down enemy planes, and landing safely on a battleship. Cadets were also able to talk to veterans from the Air Force, Marines, and Navy. Cadets also got see the inside of airplanes that were actually used military combat! While inside the ship, cadets experienced the daily life of a sailor at sea including: the kitchen, the laundry room, the chapel, the Captain’s sleeping quarters, the flight deck, and the bridge where the captain and admiral watched planes take off and land for their missions.
In this event, local NJROTC programs compete in different areas including: Color Guard, Armed/Unarmed Exhibition, Armed/Unarmed Basic marching, and Physical Training (PT). Cadets are able to socialize with cadets from other JROTC programs and get tips on how to advance their team’s scores. Kennedy received fourth place in Armed Basic.
Kennedy NJROTC marched in the Granada Hills Holiday parade this year. Cadets were able to revel in the warmth of the holiday spirit by representing Kennedy in the 3 mile march from Petit Park to Granada Hills. Kennedy NJROTC received several awards including: 1st place for Color Guard, 1st place for Drill, and 1st place for Unarmed Drill.
During this field meet Kennedy NJROTC competed against several other JROTC programs. The event taught cadets how to improve in specific areas, brought the team closer together, and overcome fears of inspection and competing. Cadets worked hard, made great memories, and had a lot of fun. Kennedy received three individual medals for tap out.