"Doors to College" Parent Workshops in February in the Mornings, Afternoons, and on Saturdays

There are 3 separate time frames for the 8-session classes to accommodate all parents’ schedules. You can attend in the mornings (9:30-11am), in the afternoons (5-6:30pm), and Saturdays (9:30-11am) in the Parent Center. The 8 workshops include:
1) College Planning 101: Understanding the System
2) Motivation for Academic Success
3) A-G and Graduation Requirements and GPA
4) Financial Aid Options: FAFSA, Scholarships, Grants
5) California Dashboard Budget: Saving for College
6) Preparing for Aptitude Exams (SAT, ACT, etc.)
7) Helping Your Child Plan for a Career and Higher Education Options
8) Requirements and Options Graduation Classes begin in February.
Please see the attached flyer and February Parent Calendar in both English and Spanish. If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact our Parent Center Director, Maria Zapata, at (818) 271-2926.