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Distance Learning Information:

Assignments posted to Google Classroom on Mondays and due the following Monday.
AP Lang meets 10 am or 10:45 on Mondays, 11 Fridays
AP Seminar meets 11:00 am or 2:00 pm Wednesdays
I am available for office hours MWF from 12:30-1:30 pm.
Zoom links are posted in Google Classroom five minutes before set times. This is in place for our students' online protection.


Journal Entry 5 "Herding Cats"

"It's raining cats and dogs!" "It's a piece of cake!" "Who let the cat out of the bag?" These are all idioms. An idiom is an expression that is used to describe something figuratively, and they usually do not make sense on their own. "Herding Cats" is an idiom. I'd like you to watch the video, listen to what is SAID in the video and then tell me what you think "herding cats" means. After that, I'd like you to tell me about a time you felt as though you were herding cats and why. (If you have never felt like that, imagine a time in your life when you might feel that way and explain why.)
Journal entry for 8/27/15
It says "write an essay" but what I meant was write a "healthy" paragraph! Also, if you are having trouble with this because you don't like to read, or you don't have a favorite book, try attacking the prompt from a different perspective. The prompt doesn't ask you about books you love, right? So what book should everyone read that you do not like and why should they read it? What would it exemplify? Perhaps what you think everyone should read is a graphic novel, or a comic series. Attack the problem from a new angle--never just say, "I don't read so I can't do this," or "I hate novels so I can't do this." Be creative.
Journal entry #3--expository writing
Remember, this is based on your opinion! There are no wrong answers!
The prompt asks for THREE things, and 2 of those three require multiple sentences. 
1. What do you think? That is in red. 1 sentence.
2. Why do you think this? Note: it says reasonS (plural!!) and (exampleS (plural!!) therefore you must have a minimum of 4 sentences (2 reasons, 2 examples).
3. Clearly tell about your position. This is part you adding important information, part you wrapping up your paragraph. Minimum 2 sentences, but a better paragraph will have 3+.
Journal Entry #2 Tuesday August 25, 2015
This picture is the prompt you will write about. The next picture breaks down HOW to respond to an essay prompt.
Journal entry #1 Monday August 24, 2015
1. In well-written, complete sentences, explain what this quote could possibly mean. (2+ sentences)
2. In well-written, complete sentences, explain how this quote could possibly apply to high school students. (3+ sentences)
If you do not know or understand some of the words, look them up! It will help you!


Reminder that all students need a composition book or a notebook that is to be kept in the classroom. Thanks!

Homework new due date

Not every class got an opportunity to even begin the Thursday paragraph in class, so I am not requiring it for homework. We will work on it in class on Friday, August 21.

If you did not have time to finish the Thursday Paragraph in class, here is the TASK.

Calendar August 2015

This is the calendar for the rest of this week. As our classes balance and we finish adding and subtracting students from our English roster, I will have a better idea of the following week's assignments. 

Successful First Day!

What a great first day!! Students, thank you for being awesome. Parents, thanks for having awesome young adults. 
Don't forget to have your parents read our syllabus and print the last page and sign it. Additionally, please have them read, print and sign the movie permission slip.  I'd like to have both of those in by Friday. Looking forward to tomorrow! 

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