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Student Handbook

Contact Information

John F. Kennedy High School
11254 Gothic Avenue
Granada Hills, CA 91344
Phone: (818) 363-6794
Fax: (818) 368-9527
Email: [email protected]


Determining Residency
The policy of the Board of Education the Los Angeles Unified School District states that a student shall attend the high school in the area in which the student's parent or guardian legally resides unless, a permit has been issued to the student by the District. Specific boundary information may be obtained by calling the District Maps & Boundaries office at (213) 625-4915. Local school sites may require proof of residence such as an electric or gas utility bill or a notarized Address Verification form from students attending their school.

Change of Residence
District policy requires that a parent notify the school within 30 days of any change in address, telephone number, guardianship or emergency information. Students who move from the Kennedy High School attendance area during their high school career may be eligible for a Continuing Enrollment Permit to stay at Kennedy. Contact the Attendance Office for further information.

Under State of California immunization requirements, at the time of enrollment new students must provide a written immunization record from a physician or the health department indicating that all immunizations are up to date. No student may enroll or remain in school without the required immunizations. In addition, all new students who have never attended any school in California must present documentation of the results of a Mantoux skin test for tuberculosis done at some previous time.

Permit/Open Enrollment Information
Students wishing to enroll in the school outside of their residence area should contact the school for information on permit / Open Enrollment availability and eligibility. Open Enrollment is available once a year in May. Contact your school of residence for information.

Enrolling at Kennedy

If the student is a matriculating eighth grade student from the local middle school, the student will be programmed by Kennedy High counselors in the spring semester of the eighth grade on their school campus and receive a registration packet during the summer which will Include the date and time the student must come to school in August to complete registration. A parent does not need to accompany the student to Fall registration.

If the student is moving into the Kennedy High school area from another LAUSD high school, the student must first obtain a Pupil Accounting Report (P.A.R.) Transfer from that school. The student and the parent/guardian must bring the P.A.R., proof of address, and marks from current work in progress to the Kennedy High School Attendance Office.

If a student is enrolling in Kennedy High and has never attended an LAUSD school, the student and parent/guardian must bring the student's birth certificate and proof of current immunizations, including a tuberculosis skin test, proof of residence and transcripts from current work in progress. Upon determination that a student is eligible at Kennedy High School, a registration packet will be issued to the student and parent. All forms and the packet must be completed and reamed to the school's Attendance Office to begin the registration process. Parents should allow a minimum of one hour for the enrollment process. Additional registration information may be obtained by contacting the Attendance Office at Kennedy High School.

Bell Schedules

Regular Schedule
Advisory 7:56 - 8:13 (17)
Period 1 8:19 - 9:13 (54)
Period 2 9:19 - 10:13 (54)
Period 3 10:19 - 11:13 (54)
Period 4 11:19 - 12:13 (54)
Lunch 12:13- 12:49 (36)
Period 5 12:55 - 1:49 (54)
Period 6 1:55 - 2:49 (54)
Minimum Day Schedule
Advisory 7:56 - 8:09 (13)
Period 1 8:15 - 8:48 (33)
Period 2 8:54 - 9:27 (33)
Period 3 9:33 - 10:06 (33)
Brunch 10:06 - 10:26 (20)
Period 4 10:32- 11:05 (33)
Period 5 11:11 - 11:44 (33)
Period 6 11:50 - 12:23 (33)
Staff Development Day Schedule
Advisory 7:56 - 8:07 (11)
Period 1 8:13 - 8:53 (40)
Period 2 8:59 - 9:39 (40)
Period 3 9:45 - 10:25 (40)
Period 4 10:31 - 11:11 (40)
Lunch 11:11 - 11:46 (35)
Period 5 11:52 - 12:32 (40)
Period 6 12:38 - 1:18 (40)
** = Teacher Approval Required

English - 40 Credits Required
English 9AB (Required)
English 9AB Honors
English 10AB (Required)
English 10AB Honors
American Literature and Composition (Required)
American Literature and Composition Honors
Contemporary Composition
Contemporary Composition Honors
AP English Literature AB **
AP English Language AB **
Expository Composition
Advanced Composition/Great Books
Creative Writing
World Literature
Modern Literature
Journalism **
Play Production **

Social Studies - 30 Credits Required
World History AB (Required)
World History AB Honors
U.S. History AB (Required)
U.S. History AB Honors
U.S. Government (Required)
U.S. Government Honors
Economics (Required)
Economics Honors
AP Government **
AP Economics **

Foreign Language - Required for College Admission
French 1AB
French 2AB
French 3AB
French 4AB
Italian 1AB
Italian 2AB
Italian 3AB
Spanish 1AB
Spanish 2AB
Spanish 3AB
AP Spanish Language AB **
AP Spanish Literature AB **
Spanish for Native Speakers 1AB
Spanish for Native Speakers 2AB
Spanish for Native Speakers 3AB

Math - 20 Credits Required
Algebra 1 AB (Required)
Algebra 2 AB
Geometry AB (Required)
Pre-Calculus AB
AP Calculus AB **
AP Statistics AB **

Science - 20 Credits Required
Integrated Science 2AB
Integrated Science 3AB
Biology AB
Biology AB Honors
AP Environmental Science AB **
Advance Biology AB
AP Biology AB **
Physiology AB
Advanced Physical Science AB
Chemistry AB
Chemistry AB Honors
AP Chemistry AB **
Physics AB

Physical Education - 20 Credits Required
Advanced PE 1AB
Advanced PE 2AB
Track & Field
Baseball Prep
Water Polo

Technical Arts - 10 Credits Required
Information Processing
Computer Repair
Computer Networking
Business Organization
Introduction to Careers with Children
Careers with Children (2 Periods)
Parent/Child Development
Marriage and Family
Teen Living (9 & 10)
Independent Living (11 & 12)
World of Teaching
Drafting Technology
Wood Technology
Architecture Design

Academic Decathlon **
Leadership **
Library Practice
Student Service
College Tutor
Media service

Visual/Performing Arts - 10 Credits Required
Art History and Analysis
AP Art History **
Advanced Ceramics
Advanced Photography
Introduction to Art
World of Art
Computer Graphics
Art Production
Yearbook **
Play Production
Advanced Choir
Beginning Choir
Beginning Instruments
World of Music
Marching Band

Miscellaneous Required Classes
Health (Required)
Required Classes To Receive Diploma:
Each student must earn a minimum of 210 credits between the 9th and 12th grades to be graduated from an LAUSD high school.40 credits of English
  • 30 credits of Social Studies
  • 30 credits of College Prep Math (Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2)
  • 20 credits of Lab Science (10 Physical and 10 Biological)
  • 20 credits of Physical Education
  • 10 credits of Visual/Performing Arts (Art, Drama, Music)
  • 5 credits of Health
  • 40 credits of Electives

Credits and Classes Required for UC/CSU Admission:
  • 40 credits of English
  • 20 credits of Social Studies
  • 30 credits of College Prep Math, 40 credits recommended
  • 20 credits of Lab Science, 30 credits recommended
  • 20 credits of Foreign Language, 30 credits recommended
  • 10 credits Visual/Performing Arts (Art, Drama, Music)
  • 10 credits of College Prep Electives (English, Social Studies, Advanced Math, Lab Science, Foreign Language)
Portfolio Requirements:
  • Personal Resume
  • Autobiography
  • Vision Statement ( Education and Career Goals)
  • Transcript (Courses and Grades)
  • Samples of Work Assignments
  • Attendance Record
  • Certificates and Awards
  • School Activities
  • Specialized Electives
  • Two Letters of Recommendation
LAUSD Eligibility Requirements
To participate in sports, sports auxiliary groups, band, play production or Student Government, students must have a "C" average on the most recent 10 or 20 week report card. A Summer School grade can replace a Spring grade for the same subject for eligibility in the Fall.

Summer School Information
A student may make up required classes that were failed but may not take classes required for the next grade level. Students must have written counselor approval for summer school classes.

Student Programs
A wide variety of programs are available for Kennedy students. These include full programs for state-identified Gifted and Talented Students and English As-A-Second Language (ESL) students. In addition, Advanced Placement and Honors courses are also offered and Advanced Placement tests in various subjects are given each spring for college credits. (Kennedy's Humanitas Program features English, Science, Art and Social Science classes with an emphasis on the humanities to tenth through twelfth grade students. Contact your student's counselor or the College Counselor for more information and a list of the courses offered. The Counseling Office and the College Counselor may be reached at (818) 363-6794.

IMPACT Program
Project IMPACT is a specially funded program available to all Kennedy High students with the permission of their parent or guardian. IMPACT is a self-help program designed to increase student awareness about substance abuse and chemical dependency and to assist students with problems. Specially trained teachers and peer-counselors interact with students in regular weekly group meetings.

Tutoring Programs
Students who need extra tutoring in their class work may choose from numerous programs offered during and after school. Specific tutoring is available in math, SAT Preparation, and competency testing. Contact your student's counselor for assistance in selecting an appropriate program.

Bus Transportation
Many of our students are provided wide transportation to Kennedy High on District- operated school buses. Transportation is available for these students to all school functions, including most after school and evening activities. A late bus leaves at approximately 6:00 p.m. from school every day except Tuesday. Further information may be obtained by calling Area Bus Supervisor Alberto Cardenas or Area Bus Assistant Supervisor Robert Talamantes at 818-894-3751. In addition, several MTA buses leave throughout the school day from the immediate area around Kennedy to LA. and various points in the Valley. For information on public bus stops and times, contact MTA directly at (213) 626-4455.

No hall lockers are available this year. Lockers for students in athletics or PEEL are available to students for this purpose. Students are not allowed to enter the locker room or to use their lockers to store personal items or books.

Campus Security
For the protection of our students and staff, the Board of Education maintains full-time police officers on the campuses of all senior high schools. Our officers assist in providing security, making arrests, investigating crimes, returning stolen property, and preventing intruders from entering campus during school hours.

College Career Advisors
The Cougar College and Career Centers are open throughout the day to all students and parents. A college advisor and a career advisor are both on hand to answer questions, assist with applications, and provide resource information to interested students. A College Night is held on campus during the year whereby students and parents may obtain specific college information. In addition, several field trips to local colleges and universities give students the opportunity to explore college. Parents and students are urged to take advantage of the services these resource personnel can provide.

Counseling Services
Each student, upon entering Kennedy High School, is assigned an academic counselor who will remain with the student until graduation. The counselor will work with the student to program classes, discuss test results and class marks and trade credits needed for a diploma. Counselors will assist students seeking advisement on college and career options, personal counseling and class program changes.

Health Office
A complete Health Office staffed by a full time school nurse is open at all times during the school day. Should your student become ill or have an accident during the day, you will be contacted by the nurse. It is important that your student's emergency card information be complete and current at all times. Transportation home for students who are bused to Kennedy High will be provided in cases of emergency. Students requiring health office assistance during the school day must acquire a Health Office pass from their classroom teacher in order to receive assistance in the Health Office.

Library and Media Center
The Kennedy High library is open from 7:30 am. to 3:10 p.m. daily. When classes are in session students need a pass from their teacher to use the facility. Before school, after school and at lunch students are free to use the library to study and or to check out books, cassettes, filmstrips or equipment. A full-time librarian is available to assist students and answer questions. In addition, the Media Center offers the services of a coordinator to assist students in making multi-media presentations for classroom assignments.

Progress Report Cards
Progress reports including grades in subject, cooperation and work habits, attendance and tardy information and teacher comments are sent home to parents periodically each semester. The Parent Newsletter will give the specific dates you may expect the reports or you may call the school for the exact dates the Progress Reports will be sent home.

Work Experience and Work Permits
If a student is under the age of 18 and has a job, state law requires that a valid work permit be issued. An application can be obtained from the Work Experience Coordinator. Students who wish to earn school credits for working while attending high school may enroll in the Work Experience Program if the job offers a training experience and is under the supervision of an adult employer. Students must attend special Work Experience classes each week as part of this program. Parents and students should contact the Work Experience Coordinator at the school for more information.

On-Campus Parking
There is a limited availability of on-campus parking for the students. On-street parking is available around the campus but be aware of restricted parking zones. Cars will be towed if illegally parked.

Lunch Passes
Off-campus lunch passes are issued to senior students only. Seniors must be in good academic standing and a parent/guardian must come to school to sign an application for the pass. No applications are issued the first four weeks of the school year. Contact the Dean's office for an application or information.

I.D. Cards
Students must carry I.D. cards at all times. I.D.'s are issued at registration or upon your enrollment at Kennedy. Replacement I.D.'s are available for $3.00 in the Attendance Office. Pictures are taken at lunch and after school daily.

Clipboard Hall Passes or Cougar Time Hall Passes
Hall passes must be carried by students out of class during the school day. Your I.D. card must be carried with the clipboard hall pass. NO HALL PASS NO SERVICE IN OFFICES DURING CLASS TIME.

Eighteen Year Old Permission Forms
Upon reaching the age of eighteen, a student in good standing at Kennedy may be granted the privilege of signing his/her own absence excuses, early campus leave requests and field trip forms. Permission forms must be signed by the parent in the presence of a school employee or a notary republic.

Student "HotLine" Services:
Child Abuse Hotline (800) 540-4000
Help line (213) 482-8000
Rape Hotline (310) 392-8381
Suicide Hotline (213) 381-5111 (24 hours)
Information Hotline (818) 501 4447 (24 hours)
Or see your counselor or the Kennedy High IMPACT Coordinator.

Student Fee Information

Class Fees
On occasion, students may have fee obligations for certain extra projects in classes or for some extracurricular school activities. However, no student will be denied access to REQUIRED class projects or activities for failure to pay fees. Students or parents should contact the teacher or activity sponsor for specific information.

Senior Class Fees
Senior students are encouraged to participate in the activities reserved specifically for seniors in good academic standing during their last year in high school. Every effort is made to keep the cost at a minimum; however, voluntary participation in such activities as the Prom, Graduation and Grad Night involve added expense in the senior year. Students and parents interested in the estimated cost of these activities should contact the Senior Class sponsor at the school.

Attendance Information
It is the responsibility of all Kennedy High students to maintain prompt, regular attendance to all classes in which he or she is officially enrolled and to be familiar with the procedures to follow in the event of an absence or tardy. The State of California and the Los Angeles Unified School District recognize only a verified illness of the student, verified doctor or dental visit, and/or bereavement of a family member as a reason for an excused absence from school. Students will be given the opportunity to make up any work missed due to an excused absence. Parents and Guardians are encouraged to plan vacations when school is not in session. Additionally, doctor/dental visits are encouraged to be made after school, on days when school is not in session, or in the early mornings/afternoons.

96% Seat Time requirement for Graduation Participation
96% seat time will be required of seniors in all classes during the senior year in order to participate in graduation ceremonies. This means per every 25 days of school, seniors shall not miss more than one full school day. Seven or more individual period absences will count as 1 total absence. Any senior that has a total of 10 or more tardies per semester may lead to placement on the Graduation Ceremony/Senior Activity Non-Participation List. Please review your senior contract for more details.


7 Day Absence Policy
Seven Day Absence Policy is in effect to align with the districts goal of 75% of students at or above 96% attendance. The purpose is to encourage students to attend every class since excessive absences may result in class failure and disciplinary actions. Parents are reminded to pay close attention to the absences, as well as the academic grades on the 5th, 10th, and 15th week report cards. If your student will be out of school for an extended period of time, please contact the Attendance Office.

Returning From an Absence
Upon returning to school following any absence, students must report immediately to the Attendance Office to obtain a readmit slip before returning to class. Students must bring a note stating their full name, birth date, the day or dates of the absence, the specific reason for the absence and signed by the parent/guardian. Students have 10 school days to submit an absence note. After 10 days the absence will be marked as unexcused. Failure to bring an absence note may result in the student being identified as TRUANT. The Attendance office is open from 7:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. Students arriving after 7:56 a.m. are instructed to report to the Attendance office to receive a Tardy (excused/unexcused) pass prior entering their scheduled class. Students are to conduct business on their own time either before school, during lunch or after school. Students must have a teacher's permission and a hall pass to be assisted in the Attendance Office at any other time of the day.

Truancy and Parent Notification
Any pupil subject to compulsory full-time education or to compulsory continued education who is absent from school without a valid excuse three full days in one school year or tardy or absent for more than any 30 minute period during the school day without a valid excuse on three occasions in one school year, or any combination thereof, is a truant and shall be reported to the attendance supervisor or the superintendent of the school district (EC 48260).Upon a pupil’s initial classification as a truant, the school district shall notify the pupil’s parent or guardian, by mail or other reasonable means. Notice of Truancy Letters (#1, #2, & #3) is mailed to parents to notify of excessive absences. It is the responsibility of the parent to contact the attendance office to clear the absences and to schedule a meeting with the Pupil Services and Attendance Counselor. Failure to do so may result in the student being placed on attendance contracts and/or prosecution under Section 48264.

Early Release from School
Parents/guardians is directed to the Attendance Office to sign out there student. Parents are to show identification and the parent/guardian needs to be listed on our emergency card. If your student needs to be released from school during the regular school day, please send a signed note with the student to the Attendance Office in the morning before school starts. OFFICE OPENS at 7:30 am. Please be sure the note includes a telephone number where you may be reached, as well as the time and reason for the early release from school. Student must sign-out through the Attendance Office at the appropriate departure time. Any student leaving school without first clearing it through the Attendance Office and obtaining an Early Release Slip will be considered TRUANT and subject to all discipline incurred being truant.

Students arriving late to class disrupt the regular classroom routine, miss important instruction and cause other students to lose valuable instructional time. Students are expected to report to the appropriate class to be marked tardy by the teacher. If the teacher sends the student to the Attendance Office to clear the tardy a TRUANT will be issued for that class. The consequences of continued tardiness/truants will include detention, parent conferences, attendance contracts, and possible prosecution.

Student Discipline

Cougar Pride
Upon entering Kennedy High School each student and parent are asked to read and sign the "Cougar Pride" statement outlining the behavior standards expected of students while they are in attendance at school and at any school-related activities. The statement has been developed and approved by the School Leadership Council composed of parents, students, teachers and community members. Questions regarding the standards may be directed to the Council.

Suspension and Detention
Suspension from school/class or detention either at lunch or after school, are some of the methods that may be employed to assist in developing acceptable student conduct. Detention may be assigned by the teachers or the Dean of Students for minor rule infractions and must be served on the day of occurrence or the following day. Prior to suspension, other alternatives such as on-site remedial measures that take into consideration the needs of the student are employed. Education Codes 48900 and 48915 outline the reasons and conditions under which the principal may suspend or recommend expulsion of a student. Specific information on these conditions may be obtained from the Dean of Students at the school.

Regular attendance in class is critical to satisfactory academic progress. Students are expected to attend all classes unless they have a valid excuse from the Attendance Office. After school and lunch detention will be assigned to students for verified truancies. Habitual failure to attend class may result in parent conference, home visits by District personnel and possible transfer to another District school or program. If you are concerned that your student may have an attendance problem, please contact the Dean of Attendance who will work with you and your student.

Student Activities
To insure a well-rounded high school experience, students are encouraged to become involved in a club or activity beyond the regular academic program. Kennedy High School offers a wide variety of elective classes such as yearbook, the school newspaper, photography, creative writing, band, drill team, drama, speech and debate, Academic Decathlon, woodworking, cheer leading, technical drafting, NJROTC and many others. Counselors are available to discuss elective class offerings. Students interested in leadership opportunities can gain valuable experience through participation in Student Government, Senior and Junior Class Councils, and the School Leadership Council. While some offices are elected positions, students may apply directly to the sponsors of these organizations for appointed positions. These groups plan extensive activities, chat often, benefit both our school populations and the community-at-large.

Clubs and Organizations
Listed below are some of the current on-campus clubs and organizations. However, students interested in forming a new club are encouraged to do so by contacting the assistant principal in charge of student activities. Parent sponsorship and participation is always welcome. - Arts and Entertainment, Ham Radio Club, Asian Club, Classic Car Club, Junior and Senior Council, Photo Club, Christian Club, Math Club, Junior Statesmen, Korean Club, Speech & Debate Club, KeyClub, SADD, Utopians, La Raza Unida, CSF, Publications Club, Student Mediation Team.

All Kennedy students, even though they may be a member of a Club or organization, are encouraged to become involved in any of a number of activities offered throughout the year. Such activities include: Pep Rallies, Academic Decathlon, Red Cross Blood Drive, Homecoming Activities, Turkey Olympics, Birthday Grams, Dances, Holiday Door Decorating, Fashion Shows, Music/Choir Programs, Spirit Weeks, Faculty-Student Games, Campus beautification, Drama Festivals, Grad Night, Talent Shows, Senior Picnic, Holiday Canned Food Drive, Cultural Fair, Cinco De Mayo, United Way Campaign, Arm Wrestling Contest.

Honors and Awards
Over the years, Kennedy High students have distinguished themselves by receiving recognition from their school, the community, the District, the state and colleges and universities. Each spring, students receiving awards during the school year are honored at our annual Awards Ceremony. Parents and guests are invited to join us as we pay tribute to the achievements of our students. Some of the awards include: Harvard Book Award, Ephebian Society National Merit Scholars, Rotary Club Award, Herb Alpert Music Award, L.A. Times Award, Kiwanis Club Award, Bank of America CSF Awards, Outstanding Attendance Awards, Achievement Awards, Gold Seal Awards, Yale Book Award, Utopian Awards, Silver Seal Awards, DAR, Academic and Scholastic Honor Rolls.

Public Notification of Non-discrimination
The purpose of this announcement is to inform students, parents, employees, and the general public that the vocational education opportunities in the Los Angeles Unified School district are offered without regard to race color, national origin, sex, or handicap. If students or parents find that they are being unfairly treated in any of these categories, they should make an appointment with the principal of the school to discuss the matter in detail. Students, parents employees and the general public should be aware that limited English language skills will not be a barrier to admission and participation in vocational educational classes appropriate to their grade level. Depending upon grade level and the necessity to complete graduation requirements, all students may select vocational classes as elective subjects. A detailed list of classes is available from the counseling office at the time that the student enrolls.