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Graduation Requirements

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A Social Studies       Autobio Essay/Personal Statement
  World History A/B 10 D   Cover Letter
  US History A/B 10 D   Resume
  Government 5 D   Individualized Graduation Plan (IGP)
  Economics 5 D   Career Int Inventory/Career Cruising
B English       Attendance Records (Every 3 Months)
  English 9A/B 10 D   Grad Requirements & Transcripts
  English 10A/B 10 D   SAT/ACT, Reflection,Meal Application
  Contemporary Composition 5 D   Service Learning Project
  American Literature 5 D   3 Letters of Recommendation
  ERWC A/B 10 D   Certificates and Awards
C Math       Work Readiness Certificate
  Algebra 1 10 D   5 Samples of Outstanding Work
  Geometry A/B 10 D   1 College Application
  Algebra 2A/B 10 D   FAFSA, Scholarship App, Dream Act
D Science       Portfolio Presentation
  ICS 1A/B 10 D   Cover Sheet w/ School & Student Info
  Biology A/B 10 D   To be in the grade listed below,
E World Languages       you must have:
  Spanish/French/Italian 20 D   10th Grade   12th Grade
F Visual/Performing Arts       10 Cr English   30 Cr English
  Art/Band/Theater/Film/Design 10 D   10 Cr Math   30 Cr Math
G College Prep Electives 10 D   10 Cr A-G Req   20 Cr Science
  Electives 25 D   50 Cr Total   10 Cr Wrld Hist
  Physical Education/Sports 20 D   11th Grade   10 Cr US Hist
  Health 5 D   20 Cr English   10 Cr LOTE
          20 Cr Math   160 Cr Total
  Total Credits Required 210 Credits   10 Cr Science      
  Community Service Hours 100 Hours   10 Cr Wrld Hist      
          10 Cr A-G Req      
          105 Cr Total