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Work Experience Program

The Work Experience class is also available for students 16 years old or older, or in the 11th or 12th grade. Students enrolled in the Work Experience program are dismissed after 4th period, and will meet once a week in the morning.

The Career Center also has access to an online computer job search program that students could use before school or at lunch if they are seeking a job.

R.O.P Classes: Regional Occupation Program

In ROP students learn the following skills:
  • Career preparation through classroom and on the job training
  • Entry level job training for employment
  • Upgrading of job skills
  • Preparation for higher-level training and education
  • Job seeking skills and job placement assistance
  • High School Students 16 years or older and adults can enroll.
  • High School credits can be earned, or a certificate of accomplishment.
  • The cost is free to high school students. Adults pay $30 - $60.
  • Classes are held at the following locations: High Schools, private businesses, industrial sites, community facilities, healthcare facilities.

R.O.C Classes: Regional Occupational Center

These classes provide the following:
  • Short-term vocational, technical and health training and assistance in job placement
  • ESL, GED and high school diploma classes
  • Any person 16 years or older can enroll.
  • Vocational training and academic credit can be earned.
  • The cost is free to high school students. Non-high school students pay $10 per 12 week course. Classes are held at the following locations: North / West Valley Occupational Centers and Pacoima Skills Center.
  • For students living out of the Valley, Abram Friedman Center and Central Adult High school are available.
For more information contact:
Mr. Raub, Career Advisor
Career Center (located in the S building)
Office Hours: 7:55 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
(818) 363-6794
Extension: 5260