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The Teaching Academy (TA) is a Small Learning Community (SLC) developed for Kennedy students to explore careers in the field of education, primarily as secondary teachers and particularly in critical teacher shortage areas such as: math, science, and special education. The TA is open to all students upon becoming a sophomore. The TA partners with other community agencies to provide scholarship, mentorships, and internships to greatly enhance our students learning experience while giving them a glimpse into the real life of a teacher. Our students develop strong communication skills with both children and adults, which builds their self-esteem, and helps them to become strong leaders while learning the importance of working cooperatively as a team. The TA also prepares our students for college life by making them aware of academic expectations they will face as college students, and provides them with many opportunities to visit various college campus and interact with college students and professors. The academy is run by both Mrs. Stankiewicz and Ms. Mendivil. Every Thursday our TA students walk to Danube Elementary School and get hands on experience as teachers. They are placed in a class were they tutor students in math and English. They also interact with Danube students during lunch and often become role models to the elementary school students. During 6 weeks out of the year, the TA partners up with Junior Achievement and our high school students actually teach elementary school students.
Our first Virtual Dr. Seuss Day 2021 was a huge success thanks to our amazing students and participating staff! Click here to see all of the wonderful work our team did in creating this memorable event.