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A good education is the single most productive way to secure yourself a great quality of life, a good job, and the respect of all those around you. Be thankful you live in the greatest country on Earth, that affords equal opportunity to everyone, and never forget those who have sacrificed to make it possible.

August 15, 2017

Biology A/Physiology A
Fall Semester 2017
Mr. Cohan
Room C206

Kennedy High School welcomes you to another exciting year of academic study. Your time at Kennedy should be filled with new teachers, new friends, new activities, and of course, new classes. As we begin this new academic year, take time to reflect on those items that are critical to academic success and make a commitment to do all you can to show your best effort. During your science course (either Biology A or Physiology A), be sure to make every effort to maintain excellent attendance, stay current on all coursework, ask questions, take good notes, study, and seek additional help if you need clarification. I am available each day early in the morning before homeroom and everyday after school as I stay late. Please come and get help with issues you are having in class. After school is a great time to get additional help, complete coursework, or just ask questions. In addition, be sure to take advantage of all the exciting extracurricular activities and unique elective classes that are made available to you while here at Kennedy, they not only add a fun element to your education but are valuable resources that can help you with college and university admissions. I look forward to working with you this semester and will personally do all that I can to help you succeed, your education is your most valuable resource.
Much Success,
Mr. Cohan