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U.S History-Spring Break Extra Credit Opportunity

Spring Break Extra Credit Opportunity


You are to read the web page: Roots of Prohibition on the PBS website. The URL is:


·         Read the entire page, (but you do not have to read any of the links on the right side of the page).

·         View the videos:  A Nation of Drunkards and The Absolute Shall


Answer SEVEN of the following questions:


Discussion Questions:


1.      Why might some people think The Prohibition laws were needed?


2.      Who would benefit from These Prohibition laws?


3.      How could any of these laws restrict some people’s rights?


4.      Who might be negatively affected by them?


5.      Do you feel these laws benefit the many at the expense of the few, or the other way around? Explain why.


6.      Do you feel these laws should have…

a)      been kept as they were,

b)      been kept but amended,

c)      or was it right to have repealed them?

Explain your answer.


7.      How would you describe America’s tradition of drinking alcohol?


8.      What were some of the negative effects of this tradition?


9.      How did the involvement of religion and religious reform change the nature of temperance from individual choice to government mandate?


10.  Do you think this was a good change? Why or why not?


11.  Besides providing alcoholic beverages, what other functions did the saloon serve for many Americans living in crowded cities?


12.  What was the main goal of the Anti-Saloon League?