What is a Scholarship?

  • A scholarship is free money that never has to be paid back. It is usually based on a characteristic, ability, or achievement. It is intended to help students further their education.
  • Most local scholarships open in the Spring.  Please read additional scholarship criteria on the applications CAREFULLY to make sure you're eligible!


















Scholarship Search Engines


Scholarship Buddy - California:This site has scholarships that are only for CA students!

GoingMerry: one of the most popular new scholarship sites, includes a good list of scholarship for CA students 

Scholarships360: a really good scholarship search engine

Congressional Hispanic Caucus: very good resource that allows you to customize your list of scholarships.

Fastweb: huge scholarship website

SmartScholar: scholarship site that allows you to search by various characteristics

CollegeXpress: Good site with scholarship listings and other college information  Made by and for high school students!



Scholarship List

Scholarship Name Description Amount Deadline Notes
One of the most generous scholarships around!  Will cover all remaining college costs after other aid.  For high-achieving minority student-leaders.
Sept. 15th
Are you a low-income high school senior who has excelled academically, but feels that the nation’s best colleges are financially out of reach? The QuestBridge National College Match can be your pathway to a top college. Through this college and scholarship application process, you can apply for free to the nation’s best colleges and be considered for early admission and a full four-year scholarship.
Sept. 27th
You must attend the college you are matched with.  So it helps greatly if you are flexible!  Also, please note that this scholarship is highly competitive, so do your absolute best on the application.
must be U.S. citizen or permanent resident with 3.0 or higher GPA
Oct. 31st
150 scholars chosen nationwide
Big Future Scholarships
  • Must be a senior in high school.
  • Be attending college or university no later than Fall 2023
Oct. 31st
Voice of Democracy Scholarship
  • Must be in high school between the grades 9-12.
  • Be enrolled in a public, private, or parochial high school or home study program in the United States.
Oct. 31st 
CollegeXpress Scholarship
  • Must be in high school between the grades 9-12.
  • Be enrolled in a public, private, or parochial high school or home study program in the United States.
Oct. 31st
Regeneron Science Talent Search
  • Must be in their final year of high school.
  • Submit original research in a critically important scientific field of study.
Nov. 9th 
10 Words or Less Scholarship
  • Must be between the ages of 14-25 who will be attending school. 
  • Submit a response to the sponsor's essay prompt.
Nov. 15th 
National Space Club Scholarship
  • Must be a senior in high school.
  • Have the intention of pursuing a career in the STEM fields.
Nov. 15th
Odenza Marketing Group Scholarship
  • Must be between the ages of 16 and 25.
  • Have a GPA of 2.5 or greater.
Nov. 15th
Jack Kent Cooke Foundation Scholarship Program
  • Must be a high-achieving high school senior.
  • Have a financial need and plan to attend a four-year college.
  • Have a GPA of 3.5 or higher.
Nov. 15th
SP Scholarships
  • Must be a high school student planning to attend college in September 2023
  • Be a legal resident of the U.S. or Puerto Rico.
Nov. 30th
Dell Scholars Program
  • Must participate in a program-approved college readiness program in grades 11 and 12 and demonstrate financial need.
  • Be on track to graduate from an accredited high school in the current academic year. 
Dec. 1st
Barbara Lotze Scholarships for Future Teachers
  • Must be a high school senior accepted for enrollment in 2023 who plans to pursue a course of study leading toward a career in teaching physics in high school.
Dec. 1st
Chuck Hall of Tomorrow Scholarship
  • Must be a current USBC Youth member in their senior year of high school or enrolled in college.
  • Have a current GPA of 3.0 or better, based on a 4.0 scale.
Dec. 1st
American Rocketry Challenge
  • Must be part of three to ten students in Grade 6-12
  • Build a model rocket that carries one large hen egg to an altitude of 850 feet, stays airborne for between 42 and 45 seconds, and returns the rocket to the ground safety. 
Dec. 1st
Mindscape Big Picture Scholarship
  • Must have a deep curiosity in studying the universe for its own sake, whether that be pursuing studies in philosophy, biology, math, literature, or any other field that seeks a better understanding of our existence.
Dec. 15th
Overachievers Student Grant
  • Must be in middle school or high school.
  • Be a person who is making a difference in others' lives outside of the classroom.
Common App Scholarship
  • Must be in grade 11 or 12.
  • Have achieved a GPA of 2.5 or greater during their last academic year.
Arthur M. & Berdena King Eagle Scout Scholarship
  • Be an Eagle Scout between the ages of 13-18.
  • Compete at the local Chapter level prior to competing at the National Level
Dec. 31st
Jackie Robinson Foundation Scholarship
for minority students who have financial need and have done extensive community service.
up to $30,000
Jan. 11th
Princeton Prize in Race Relations

The Princeton Prize in Race Relations recognizes high school students who engage and challenge their schools and communities to advance racial equity in order to promote respect and understanding among all

Jan. 31st

Professional Business Women of CA

Open to female high school seniors in CA

up to $15,000

Jan. 31st

San Fernando Elks William L. Frye Scholarship

The San Fernando Elks Lodge will award a scholarship to a high school senior pursuing a B.A. or B.S. at a four year college or university. Students must have a GPA of 3.5 for the past two years, must be a U.S citizen, and reside in the San Fernando Valley or have a significant affiliation with this community


Feb. 3rd 

Application is at the bottom of this page.

MacDonalds HACER Scholarship

must have a least one parent of Hispanic heritage. Scholarships are worth $25,000 per year. As long as award winners are in good standing, scholarships are for all four years!

$100,000 ($25K X 4 years)

Feb. 7th

LAUSD AEOE Scholarship

3.0 or higher GPA


Feb. 11th

Asian Pacific Fund Scholarship

10 scholarships available. Each program is tailored to reflect the donor's personal interests, whether targeted to specific ethnicities, career paths (eg. engineering, business, accounting), or backgrounds (eg. children of farm or restaurant workers).


Deadlines: Feb-Apr 2022 

Los Hermanos de Stanford

Los Hermanos de Stanford is committed to academic excellence, community service, and cultural awareness. This year multiple scholarships will be awarded to outstanding Latin students graduating from high school with plans to attend any 2-year or 4-year institution of higher learning.


Scholarship will open Feb 2022

Alliance of Asian Pacific 


accepting applications for scholarships to be awarded to graduating Asian and Asian-Pacific Islander high school seniors. One of the main goals of the Alliance of Asian / Pacific Administrators is to provide financial assistance to deserving Asian Pacific Islander seniors who wish to further their career goals through post high school education. This can include, but is not limited to, a two-year junior college or a state accredited private trade school. Our scholarship committee reviews many factors besides GPA when considering the recipient.


March 4th at 5:00 p.m

Japanese American Citizens League

The Japanese American Citizens League will award a scholarship to a high school senior planning to attend a four year college or university.


Mar 4th

San Fernando Valley JACL Scholarship

Applicant must be planning to attend full time at a college, university, trade school, business school, or any other institution of higher learning. Every applicant must be a JACL member. Click on the website provided for more information.


Mar. 4th

Click on the link to apply

Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Scholarship

The Martin Luther King Jr. Memorial Scholarship Program encourages students of color to become educators, school nurses, school counselors or school therapists and to promote professional growth for teachers and ESP members of color.


Mar. TBA

Youth Scholarship Program

Every year, the CAA offers approximately $25,000 in college scholarships to children of active duty law enforcement and fire service personnel across California.


Mar. TBA

Council of Mexican American Administrators CMAA

The Council of Mexican American Administrators (CMAA) is accepting online applications for scholarships to be awarded to graduating high school seniors.Eligible students must have maintained a minimum 3.5 Grade Point Average.  The one-time scholarship of $2,000 will be awarded to students upon submission of proof of enrollment in a college or university.


Mar. 11th

Council of Black Administrators (COBA)

Awarded to qualified black students planning to attend a four-year
college or university. 

 $2,000 - 8,000 Mar. 11th 

See application file at the bottom of the page.

Dr. Lawrence H. Moore Human Relations Scholarship;

Awarded to seniors who have, beyond the norm
demonstrated leadership in promoting intergroup-intercultural relations and/or have through their actions,
significantly reduced intergroup tension at their school and/or community.

$2,000 Mar. 11th 


Go to this link to apply:


You can also access the application file below.


Hispanic Scholarship Fund

must be of Hispanic heritage with minimum 3.0 GPA


Mar. 15th

Diversity Scholars Program

The purpose of this scholarship is to increase underrepresented populations participation in the transportation profession by supporting increased diversity at the undergraduate level.    

There are 4 cornerstones to this program:

  • Financial support

·         ITE Student Chapter engagement 

·         Mentoring 

·         Internship Opportunities 


$20,000 in total
$4,000 annually

Mar. 15

Valley University Women

U.S. citizen or permanent resident who will attend a 4-year university


Mar. 25th

See application file at bottom of the page.

Associated Administrators of LA

all interested seniors


Mar. 26th

JVS Scholarship Program

JVS Scholarship program provides qualified Jewish students whose primary residence is in the Greater Los Angeles area with need-based financial aid. For eligibility requirements see the attached pdf file below.


March 31st

Click on link to apply

World Trade Week Scholarship

Scholarships available to outstanding students pursuing post-secondary studies in programs which may lead to careers in law, accounting, product development, among others.

$500- $1,000

Mar. 2022

Cardenas Family Foundation

must attend a high school in San Fernando Valley

Varies - could be significant and for multiple years

Apr 1st

Omicron Delta Kappa Scholarship

Based on need, academic achievement, and community service


Apr 1st

Rabb-Hill Scholarship Application

two separate scholarships - one for community service and one for academic excellence


Apr. 1st

Dr. Karin Duran Memorial Youth Scholarship

For high-achieving Latina high school student from the San Fernando Valley.


Apr 4th

Olga Martha Hernandez Culinary Arts Scholarship

Latina students in San Fernando Valley who will study Culinary Arts


Apr. 4th

California Credit Union Scholarship

High school senior must be enrolling into a two or four year college or community college planning to transfer into a four-year university. Applicant must have a minimum 3.0 GPA.


Apr. 8th

Southern California Garden Club

Must major in agricultural science or horticulture


Apr 8th

Trial Lawyers of LA

based on academic achievement and hardships faced


Apr. 15th

contact Mr. Abarr

Rotary Club of Granada Hills Seratti Scholarship

community service, essay


Apr. 15th

See application file attached below.

Frankie Jenkins Scholarship

see attached application files below; only for Kennedy students!

varies; could be $1,000 or more

Apr. 15th

Open application file below.

Aerojet Rocketdyne Scholarship

sponsored by the Aerojet Rocketdyne Foundation; STEM major with 3.0 GPA. Guaranteed Kennedy winner!


Apr. 22nd 

See application file below

ABSW Foundation

ABSW Foundation, Inc. is offering scholarships to African American or Black college bound students at the senior high school level and those attending

an accredited community college, 4 year college/ university or studying at the post graduate

level. Minimum GPA: 2.5


Apr. 28th

Granada Hills Women's Club Scholarship Application 

Applications must be submitted by April 29th, 2022. An awards luncheon will take place early afternoon on June 2nd, 2022. Students should not apply unless they will be available to attend.

$800-$1,000 Apr. 29th  Attachments are at the bottom of this page.
Fernando Award Involvement in school and/or community programs $1,000 Apr. 29th See application file below.
Omicron Mu Scholarship

Omicron Mu Chapter of Omega Psi Phi, Inc. works to award scholarships to local high school seniors.  The 2022 scholarships will be awarded based on need, academic achievement and community service.  Each applicant is required to write a 500-word essay describing the importance of a college education in achieving their life goals.  Each applicant is also required to provide a resume listing their community service and/or volunteer activities.

$250 - $1,000 Apr. 29th See application file attached at bottom of this page.
AIAA - San Fernando Pacific Section

Annual essay scholarship contest for
graduating high school seniors who plan on a career in a STEM field. 

To enter, students must submit a 500-to-600-word essay.


$2,000 April 30th Open pdf Application file below for more details (titled AIAA SFP Essay Contest).
All About Education Scholarship "How will a $3,000 scholarship for education make a difference in your life?" (250 words or less) $3,000 Apr. 30th
Odd Fellows Scholarship 
The San Fernando Odd Fellows are excited to award the Miles-Dunwoody Scholarship to our community graduates! Each year our non-profit organization awards this special scholarship in efforts to elevate the character of mankind! This year our Miles-Dunwoody Scholarship fund is $16,000.00! The largest award in scholarships in San Fernando!
  • Local graduating high school seniors
  • Veterans continuing their education
  • Senior DACA Recipients 
$16,000 May 2022
email completed Application to: [email protected]
CGCS-Bernard Harris Math & Science Scholarship Scholarships will be awarded to two African American and two Hispanic students currently completing their senior year of high school in a member district of the Council of the Great City Schools. Applicants must be accepted for full-time enrollment at a four-year college or university in the next academic year, and pursuing a degree in Science, Technology, Engineering or Mathematics (STEM). $5,000 May 4th
Sierra Pacific Flyfishers Scholarship

For students interested in fisheries, natural resources, environmental sciences, forest resources, oceanography or a related field

Minimum GPA: 3.0

$1,000 May 15th
More info can be found here:
Application form is found at the bottom of this page.
Genita Evangelista Johnson Endowed Scholarship

Established in 2018, this need-based Scholarship provides a $2,500 award to one (1) female African American current or recently graduated high school Senior in Los Angeles County, who has been accepted into a four-year collegiate program and has a strong interest in pursuing a career in medicine. The recipient must show proof of college enrollment upon selection.

$2,500 May 15th
Click here to start an application:
Women in California Leadership (WiCL) Foundation Minerva Scholarship

 now in its third year, began accepting online applications from eligible female students.  The program was established to assist deserving female students by offering financial assistance to meet educational expenses.  Eighty-six $2,500 Minerva Scholarships and one $10,000 Golden Minerva Scholarship will be awarded this year.


  • Be a full-time student in good academic standing at an accredited college or university OR be a graduating high school senior with written proof of acceptance at an accredited institution of higher learning.
  • Eligible students must identify as female.
  • Have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.5.
  • Submit a completed online application with all required supplementary documents by the application deadline. Please note: Applications and all supplementary documents must be submitted together online.  The Caucus will not accept items submitted separately via mail, in person delivery or through legislative offices.
$2,500 (rewarding 86 scholarships of this amount)
$10,000 (Rewarding one Scholarship of this amount)
May 31st
The CA Latino Legislative Caucus Foundation’s Scholarship Program (CLLCF)

CLLCF is now accepting online applications! Notwithstanding the current health crisis, the Foundation remains committed to awarding a yet undetermined number of $5,000 scholarships this year. In order to be eligible for scholarship consideration students must meet the following requirements:


  • Be a full time student in good academic standing at an accredited college or university, OR


  • Be a graduating high school senior with written proof of acceptance at an accredited institution of higher learning.
  • Have a minimum grade point average (GPA) of 2.5.
  • Submit a completed online application with all required supplementary documents by the application deadline.


$5,000 June 1st
Rickey & Robbi Gelb Charitable Foundation Scholarship Scholarship is awarded to deserving students who may not have the means to support their own secondary education at a San Fernando valley college, university, or trade School (e.g., CSUN, Mission, Pierce, LAVC).  $1,000
July 1st 2022
Stay in School Scholarship Program The Stay in School Scholarships will be offered to seniors planning to attend a four-year college. Scholarship is available to students residing in the greater Los Angeles area   TBD
PTSA Scholarship Kennedy HS's PTSA will be selecting 3 seniors who are college bound. Each student will receive a $1,000 scholarship to go towards university, community college, or career college expenses and free trip to Disneyland Grad Night. Student needs to be a member of the PTSA. $1,000    
Making a Difference Foundation Scholarship (MADF) This scholarship awards seniors who demonstrate financial need, are enrolled or accepted into a college/university, and live in and/or go to school in Pierce or King County in Washington state or Los Angeles school district in California. $1,500 TBD
Essay and Visual Arts Scholarships to Raise Awareness of the Armenian Genocide The California Armenian Legislative Caucus is holding two scholarships contest. California high school students in 9-12 grade are encouraged to participate in an essay contest and/ or visual art contest to increase awareness of the Armenian Genocide. $1,000 TBD
Galpin Scholarship

Galpin Ford is offering (10) $1,000 scholarships to graduating high school seniors

pursuing a career in the automotive field. These scholarships may be used for college,

junior college, or occupational schools that specialize in auto mechanics or sales.

$1,000 Not Updated for the 2022 scholarship



[email protected]

Women of Excellence Scholarship

This year in honor of our 11th Anniversary,

Scholarships will be awarded in the amount of $1,500 - $5,000 per recipient with a 3.5 GPA or higher to young ladies living in Southern California. In addition, they are also required to complete an essay, submit 2 letters of recommendation, present their resume, and transcripts

$1,500-$5,000 Not Updated for the 2022 Scholarship

Click on link to learn more.

Sports Unlimited Scholarship We award a $1,000 scholarship annually to some of the most inspiring students in the country. Write an essay on the following topic: "What changes to sports and/or sports equipment do you think we will see in the next 10 years and why? $1,000  

Click on the link to apply

Maria Suarez Foundation Scholarship
Must be a Southern California resident of Los Angeles County, must demonstrate financial need, and must have full-time enrollment in a trade school, vocational school, community college, or four-year university during the period for which scholarship is requested
Minimum GPA: 2.5
$1,000 Outdated, not updated since 2019
Application is located on their website
LAFCU Scholarship You are eligible to apply if you are a high school senior or college student with a minimum 2.5 GPA who has verification of attending a college, university or trade school in the Fall. Scholarship winners are selected based on their academic transcript, extracurricular activities, community service, and essay.  $2,000  
A Voice for Animals

Entrants must write an essay on a topic surrounding animal species, animal suffering, or animal preservation.



Models of Excellence Scholarship Competition

Friends of Project 10 Inc. will be awarding $1,000, $2,000, and $3,000 scholarships to senior high school students, regardless of sexual orientation or gender identity, from public, private and parochial schools who have advanced the civil rights of the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and transgender (LGBT) population. Graduating students must be going onto higher education.