Welcome to the College Center

 Welcome to the John F. Kennedy High School College Center




 The mission of the John F. Kennedy High School College Center is to encourage students in all grades to learn about college admissions and financial aid opportunities. We assist our students with the entire college admissions process, from college selection through understanding financial aid awards. Our goal is to ensure that all graduating seniors have an opportunity to obtain a college degree that will help them meet their life goals.



Mr. Lorin Abarr, College Center



The college process involves many important deadlines and details.  Please read the 2-page handout "Important Dates for Seniors" to the right (below the side bar).  Print a copy and refer to it frequently throughout the year (be sure to print both pages).


College Visits

Throughout the year, various college reps visit JFK High School to inform students about their programs, admissions requirements, etc.  Below are some of the scheduled college reps as of today.  Students of all grade levels are welcome to sign up in the College Center.


UC Davis - Wed, Aug. 29th, Per. 4 - Theater

CSUN - Thurs, Sept 13th, Per. 2 - Theater

Univ of Oregon - Fri, Sept 14th, Per. 4 - Rm. NP 2

Embry Riddle Aeronautical Univ - Mon, Sept 17th, Per 5 - Rm NP 2

UC Santa Barbara - Fri, Oct 5th, Per. 3 - Theater

UC Berkeley - Fri, Oct 12th, Per. 3 & 4 -Theater

Woodbury Univ Public Safety Administration - Mon, Oct 15th, Per. 4 - NP2

Univ of Mass Lowell - Wed, Oct 17th, Per. 2 - Rm NP 2

U.S. Naval Academy - Fri, Oct 19th (visit College Center for details)

USC - Thurs, Oct 25th, Per. 4 - Theater

San Francisco State Univ - Fri, Oct 26th, Per. 3 - Rm NP 2

Occidental College - Fri, Oct 26th, Per. 6 - Rm NP 2

Univ of New Mexico - Fri, Nov 2nd, Per. 3 - Rm NP 2

Mount St. Mary's Univ - Fri, Nov 2nd, Per. 4 - Rm NP 2

Univ of La Verne - Tues, Nov 6th, Per. 5 - Rm NP 2

FIDM - Fri, Nov 9th, Per. 5 - Rm NP 2

UC Riverside Army ROTC - Tues, Dec. 4th, Per.s 1-5, ROTC Rm.




UC Application Workshop - every Tuesday and Thursday - Per. 5 & 6 - College Center


College Mentoring

UCLA Bruin Partners - every Wed. 3 - 5 p.m. - sign up in the College Center!



Cash For College - Fri, Nov9th, Per. 1 - Per.4, LA Trade Tech College - pick up trip slip in the College Center! (10th - 12th grade only)