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NCAA (Student Athletes)


How does being student athlete help me?


What are the benefits of being a college athlete?

  • According to the NCAA, the following are the benefits
          1. Get a college education
          2. Higher probability of academic success
          3. More scholarships
          4. Better student assistance through funding from the NCAA
          5. Obtain elite training opportunities
          6. Healthy living
          7. Medical insurance is offered through the NCAA
          8. Have exposure and experiences of a lifetime
          9. Preparation for life
          10. Probability of going pro


What is the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA)?

  • The NCAA Eligibility Center is responsible for determining the eligibility of every college-bound student-athlete in NCAA.

When can I register with the NCAA Eligibility Center?

  • Can register at any time but best recommended during your junior year.

Where can I found out more?

Sports Camps Opportunities
Camp for Baseball - High School Prospect Camp

Athlete for Life Program                                                                      Camp for Golf

Camp for Baseball                                                                                Camp for Men's Soccer

Camp for Men’s Basketball                                                                  Camp for Women's Soccer

Camp for Women’s Basketball                                                             Camp for Softball

 Camp for American Football                                                                Camp for Swimming

                                 Camp for Track & Field                                                                      Camp for Tennis

                               Camp for Men's Volleyball                                                                   Camp for Women's Volleyball

                               Camp for Water Polo                                 


Camp for Soccer

Camp for Tennis

Camp for Women's Basketball

Camp for Baseball








Camps for Multiple Sports







University Athletics/Recruitment Websites



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