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A bilingual education program aims to provide eligible students the opportunity to acquire the English language skills necessary for successful participation in an English-only instructional program.
For additional information on the Bilingual Program contact:
Juan Martinez
Bilingual Office located in A206
Office hours: 8:00 a.m. - 4:00 p.m. Monday - Friday
Extension 2975
English Learner Programs
All Master Plan programs are designed to meet the following state and
federal expectations:
  1. Assist ELs in acquiring English as effectively and rapidly as possible, as demonstrated by meeting state ELD standards per District Progress Benchmarks for ELs.
  2. ELs are provided access to the District’s core program as demonstrated by mastering state grade-level content standards per District Progress Benchmarks for ELs.
Master Plan programs incorporated one or more of the following research-based instructional services designed to support the second-language acquisition or provide access to grade-level content:
  1. English Language Development (ELD as a core content subject for ELs only.)
  2. Content-based ELD
  3. Primary Language (L1) instruction
  4. Specially Designated Academic instruction in English (SDAIE)
  5. Primary Language (L1) support