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Distance Learning

What is distance learning?

  •     Distance Learning is defined as when a student and instructor are in different locations. During this time of Covid 19, JFK teachers are working from home preparing and delivering lessons. It is the expectation of the teaching staff that every student will communicate with his/her teacher on a regular basis.

How do teachers at JFK use distance learning?

  •     JFK teachers are very resourceful and provide instruction using various methods. Noted below are only some of the ways that JFK teachers provide instruction.
  •     Distance Learning methods could include:
  •     Online instruction
  •     Printed Instructional Materials
  •     Phone Calls
  •     E-mails
  •     Text reminder applications
  •     Video Conferencing and other means of communication
  •     The use of live video is encouraged, but shall not be mandatory
  •     Teachers’ Office Hours

How do I communicate with my teachers?

  •     JFK Teachers have designed a schedule that takes into consideration student need and available resources. Communication with teachers and staff is done either by sending messages through Schoology or you can e-mail Staff from our web site jfkcougars.org.
  •     Once you are at the Staff Page click on the e-mail and complete the information. Don’t forget to press send when you are done.
  •     Our teachers have worked hard to avoid scheduling conflicts. However, in some cases the schedule might overlap. Therefore, teachers have created and follow a regular weekly schedule of instruction, student support, and 3 Office Hours/week. To find the teacher schedule and office hours, visit the jfkcougars.org web site staff section.The schedule and office hours are readable in that part of the website. Teachers are also providing support and clarification via phone calls, email, and/or other virtual platforms.

How do I communicate with my counselor?

  •     You can send your counselor a message either through Schoology or through the jfkcougars.org web site.
  • Using the jfkcougars.org web site, click on programs then click on the counseling services link.  You will see a picture of our counselors and other support staff. The email link as well as access their page with information and office hours.  
  •     Click on the Email and complete the information. Don’t forget to press send when you are done.

How do I keep track of distance learning assignments?

  •     JFK teachers post assignments on Schoology. If you cannot find the information that you need to complete an assignment, please reach out to your teacher using Schoology or e-mail.  Please do not wait until the end of the school year to complete assignments.  However, if you are having difficulty, please reach out to any JFK staff member for assistance.
  •     If you need assistance in activating your Schoology account, please contact Trebor Jacquez, Assistant Principal.