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AthleticClearance Paperwork for the 22-23 School Year is NOW available.  Please start Clearance Paperwork for the 22-23 School Year at this time.  


Athletic Paperwork is being handled through  Registration for the 22-23 School Year can begin.  Returning students do NOT have to create a new account, you can just update your current account if necessary. Students make sure to register under KENNEDY, JOHN F. for the 22-23 School Year; then complete both online courses (Concussion & Sportsmanship) indicated in RED and use the provided links. There are direct links that will take you to the course site. This needs to be done each school year, do not upload a previous certificate (dated prior to May '22).  Upload the Certificate of Completion for each course and a Photocopy of your Health Insurance Card on  When this has been completed, all you have to do is turn in the Original Physical (w/Dr's stamp and signature), Asthma Forms (if applicable) and a signed Message Confirmation Form to your Coach.  If there is an website issue or any questions, please email:


Kevin Kanemura - Athletic Director