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Dear Faculty and Staff,

Please try to make it to the advisory meeting with Mr. Chavez on Thursday at 3 pm. Every point of view counts and needs to be heard!

I will later write notes from recent developments.
Also note - I just uploaded the DAILY REPORT for students and parents who need it.
See below.

Have a great week!

Michal Kreiselman

Dear Faculty and Staff,

After the recent discussion about homeroom in the Instructional Leadership meeting (Tuesday 10.14.14), I understood that it is time to use this part of the school website more often. It will have ideas from homeroom teachers across the school (you!), files that I shared with you in the past and future activities.

As a start, I attached the "Grade Prediction Form" file (see below) which is good to use just before a grading period comes to conclusion, or before parent night..

Please be encouraged to send me requests or ideas regarding the advisory. Its hard to do this in a vacuum!

Michal Kreiselman