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The School Nurse / Health Office

Our school nurse participates in a variety of roles in providing healthcare to our students and families. She is often the only healthcare professional that a student may see in a non-emergency situation. In using her experience and knowledge, and community resources, she is often the gatekeeper for entire families to navigate a complex healthcare system.
Our nurse assists many with students with acute and chronic healthcare needs, and social emotional problems. She is the first responder in the event of a tragedy or medical emergency on campus. She is an indispensable component of the school team. Some of her duties are as follows:
  • Social emotional assessments (substance use, suicide risk, depression)
  • Immunization Compliance
  • Perform medical procedures and administer medications
  • Manage diabetic care
  • Collaborate with Teachers regarding field trips, Special Education, Sports Physicals 
  • Screenings for hearing and vision
  • Health Education to students on various topics as needed
  • Member of the schools Crisis Team

For more information about the Health Office, please contact:
Susan Rothman, MSN, RN School Nurse
Amazon Connect 213-725-5600 extension 2196
Virtual Office Hours T-F 9AM-2PM
Office phone number 818-271-2953 (currently out of the office due to COVID-19)