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September 23, 2021


Dear Parents & Guardians,


My name is Dr. Petri and I am looking forward to working with you and your child for the 2021-22 school year. As a World and US History teacher, I set high standards for our classroom. Being prepared for class on a daily basis is a requirement for all students. 


Daily class attendance is essential. Please contact me immediately, if your child will miss more than two days of class in a row.  Some classwork assignments are timed, performance tasks that students cannot make up at a later date.  Missing or incomplete work is given a 40% point value. Zeros are only given if your child substantially disrupts the learning environment and needs to be removed from class.  One project is assigned each month with a description and examples posted on the class blog. These projects are designed to teach students effective time management skills and the importance of meeting deadlines. 

Grading Scales

90-100% A (Excellent)
80-89%    B (Good)
70-79%     C (Average)
60-69%     D (Below Average)
Below 59%    F (Failing)

Homework: 10 pts ea.

Classwork: 10 pts ea.

Quizzes: 50 pts ea.

Essays: 100 pts ea.

Projects: 100-300 pts. (distributed in phased deadlines)

Because your involvement and support is important to your child’s education, I use a variety of social media channels to connect with parents. I encourage you to sign up for alerts with Schoology so you can see all the assignments that I post to our class. I welcome your insight as to how your child learns best and what types of learning activities particularly appeal to him/her. Please let me know if your child has any special needs that I should accommodate. I have two school-age children of my own and know it is important to communicate directly with their teachers. By working together we can make this an enjoyable and productive year for everyone. 


Dr. P.


Statement on CRT Over the last year, there has been considerable debate over critical race theory and whether or not it should be taught in public schools. I do not teach critical race theory, however, I am a big supporter of culturally responsive teaching, which is a style of teaching that recognizes the importance of including students' cultural references in all aspects of learning. In my classes, I teach multiple perspectives of historical events. I want my students to make judgments about what is admirable and what is shameful. Students often ask me about my personal views and I try my best not to answer them, because I want students to be able to hold contrary and complex views in their minds at the same time. Learning history should not be propagandizing patriotism. High school students need to start making up their own minds and developing their own moral judgements. I will challenge students to do that this year.

Students will be issued textbooks to take home.  There is also a class set of textbooks in the classroom. Student mastery of the standards will be assessed by class projects, discussions, essays, quizzes and tests.  Students should write down the agenda each day and keep all of their assignments chronologically in their binder for use on their tests and their final exams.  All class and homework assignments are posted on the school website for parents to review. Students need an active LAPL card and will be expected to check out books and bring them to class.


Make-up Policy: Make-up work is only available for excused absences and needs to be submitted within 5 days of the absence.  Please be sure to communicate about sickness or extended leaves. Make up work is the student’s responsibility, NOT the instructor’s.


Homework Policy:  Assignments that are not completed in class become the student’s responsibility to finish at home. All assignments are posted in Schoology.  This course demands a lot of reading, writing and note taking, as well as completion of projects. Missing work is credited as 40%. Late work is given 59% of the assignment’s point value.


Explanation of Marks: Work habits and cooperation grades are Es if the student has an A or B in the class. Students will receive an S if they have a C. Students with Ds or Fs receive Us for work habits and cooperation. Cell phone infractions and excessive bath room visits can also result in a U in work habits. 


Continued enrollment in this course, causes student work created for this class to become my property for purposes of re-use for grant reporting requirements, educational and/or instructional purposes. It also grants permission for the reproduction of said student work, through printed, audio/visual, or electronic means. This authorization allows me to create materials to train teachers and improve my instruction through blogs, social media, displays, websites, & etc. Student work will never be identified by name. Images of students are similarly unlabeled. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact me immediately.


Classroom Rules

  1. Stop talking when Dr. Petri talks.
  2. Food and drink are not allowed in class under COVID protocols.
  3. No put downs, profanity, bullying, or HATE speech. We discuss controversial issues in this class. Be sensitive to issues of race, class, gender and religion. I expect you to behave like an adult.
  4. Cell phones & personal digital devices may be used as instructional tools.  If the electronic device is not being used for an instructional purpose, parents may be notified via Kinvo.  If you need to make or take an emergency call, get the teacher’s permission and step outside of class.


I have discussed classroom rules, procedures, guidelines and routines with my students. I will use my best efforts to be fair and consistent in administering them. 

Signature: Date: September 23, 2021

Class Blog: www.HistoryRewriter.com

Twitter: @scottmpetri

Parent & Student: Click here to sign this form electronically.


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