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U.S. History is a one year course covering topics ranging from the founding of America, to the growth of the Republic, and the challenges we face today as a world power.

It is important that each student understand the problems we have overcome, as well as those we continue to face as we meet the future.

The class includes reading primary source materials, discussing current events, analyzing our mistakes and facing the future with courage as we meet unknown challenges.

The study of U.S. History is essential to understand "how we got here" and how we can improve our nation for upcoming generations.
This one semester course focuses on the U.S. Constitution and the workings of our federal government.

Course work includes a notable group presentation, as well as readings of primary source materials and analysis of the workings of government.

Students are challenged to understand, in depth, the workings of Congress, the Presidency, and the Supreme Court and lower courts.

Current Event assignments are required to encourage students to think about the pressing problems we face as a nation, and consider solutions for the betterment of the Republic.

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Ms. Assael, MEd