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Course Overview
(ERWC) 2019-2020
With a Cal State University innovative curriculum, Expository Reading and Writing 3.0 (ERWC) is a twelfth grade English class that employs rhetorical inquiry to further develop critical thinking skills and prepare students for college. The class upholds rigorous reading, writing, and speaking standards as students learn strategies that will help them thrive academically and professionally. According to CSU, ERWC “. . . engages students in the discovery of who they are as persons, the realization of the ways in which they can participate in society, and their development as critical consumers and effective communicators within society.” Course texts focus on foundational documents, drama, full-length books, research, articles on contemporary issues, and concept readings.

Expect the following in this course:
1) The integration of interactive reading and writing processes.
a. reading rhetorically (preparing to read, reading purposefully, and questioning the text)
b. preparing to respond (discovering what you think)
c. writing rhetorically (composing a draft, revising rhetorically, and editing).
By the end of the course, students will have read a range of literary and nonfiction text genres and produced 10- 12 culminating projects, including academic essays, creative writing and performances, and multimedia presentations/research reports, from initial draft to final revision and editing.
2) A rhetorical, inquiry-based approach that fosters critical thinking and engagement through a relentless focus on the text
3) Materials and themes that engage student interest
4) A student-centered approach that emphasizes student agency &metacognition
5) Classroom activities that model and foster successful practices of fluent readers and writers
6) Research-based methodologies with a consistent relationship between theory and practice
7) Teacher support of students’ development as expert learners & responders to instructional contexts
8) Alignment with Common Core State Standards for English Language Arts/Literacy& English Language Development
9) Transferable skills applicable to conceptual development and practice across all modules, e.g., genre awareness, goal setting and self-assessment, rhetorical situation, Aristotelian appeals.
Class Texts & Topics
BOOKS (excerpt or whole books used)
1. Catch 22.  By Joseph Heller
2. 1984, By George Orwell
3. The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time. By Mark Haddon
4. The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. By Rebecca Skloot
5. Hamlet. By William Shakespeare

TOPICS (Examples)
1) The ERWC 12 Portfolio
2) Bored & Brilliant
3) Brace for lmpact
4) Detecting & Limiting the Spread of Fake News
5) Juvenile Justice
6) Language, Gender, & Culture
7) The Value of Life
8) Pathos as Inquiry: Knowing Your Audience
9) Power of Curiosity: Using Inquiry Questions to Improve Writing
10) Reviewing the Rhetorical Situation
11) Community Activism
12) Waste More, Want More
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