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Yearbook is a two‐semester course where students engage in high‐level critical thinking as they blend abstract ideas, technical ability, reading, and enhanced composition skills.  Here you will find your own unique path, as you delve into the artistic, creative, and aesthetic world of the visual and graphic arts and develop communication skills in all of their virtual and physical forms. How each student develops these skills is unique to that individual.  This class will also challenge you to master the writing and editing of stories that matter, so that our story -- our Kennedy story -- may reveal itself this year in compelling and dynamic ways. Thus you will read and analyze relevant material and develop expository writing and interviewing skills as you also learn and practice design and layout; analyze and evaluate images; learn communication, management, and evaluation skills; use word processing and design software; and demonstrate knowledge and understanding of ethical journalism. Expect self‐directed learning and confidence gained as you promote your creative ideas and see them rise to their completion and potential.

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