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 Course Description
 AP English Language and Composition aims to replicate first year rhetoric and composition courses at most universities. In this class, you will engage in reading and writing that challenges you to develop deep analytical skills, including critical thinking, synthesis writing, and close reading of varied texts. As you learn to be captivated by diverse texts, you will unfold your academic skills and mature in your ability to provide cogent analysis within compelling, reflective arguments. Using articles from The Bedford Reader, political or influential speeches, as well as other relevant texts, you are expected to develop critical reading skills as you learn to recognize and analyze an author’s use of rhetorical strategies and techniques. Students will evaluate discourse methods such as those found in news and opinion writing, essays, literature, or internet literature.
Successful students in this course articulate their views rationally, stylistically, and powerfully as they employ different types of writing techniques on varied subjects. Here, the process of writing is as important as the final product (such as the final draft of an essay). Such process will include heavy revision, drafting, and collaborative stages where both peers and teacher address areas of improvement and weakness in student work. To further foster effective communication, listening, and pacing skills, the class will blend project work, presentations, debates, media analysis, and timed and untimed writing as students conduct informed analytical reading, writing, and research.
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