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Industrial and Technology Education Department

Industrial and Technology education at Kennedy High School encompasses a broad-based program that teaches and reinforces academic skills, promotes the student level of technical competence, develop foundation skills such as problem solving, critical thinking, and individual responsibility, as well as expand the students’ career awareness and employability. Together, the academic core model curriculum standards and the model curriculum standards for Industrial and Technology education are intended to provide all students with a common education core composed of integrated academic and technical core components. These components enable students to acquire cultural, technical, and scientific literacy and an appreciation for the values that undergrid our society. Reading writing, speaking, listening, calculating, learning, and critical thinking are all skills that are developed within this common education core curriculum

The state academic framework suggests that within the Industrial and Technological instruction model English, History, Mathematics, Science and Visual Arts will be taught. These curricular areas are taught and reinforced daily as students encounter technical terminology through studying project plans, discover how machine tools were powered in the 18th century, calculating dimensions of woodworking joinery on a computer keyboard slide tray assignment, learning the optimum moisture content and machinability of a particular type of wood, and appreciating the complex architectural design in a beautiful piece of oak furniture.

Technical competency is greatly enhanced as a result of Industrial and Technology Education. Like science or mathematics, Industry and technology involve the use of complex terminology and symbols to communicate, To obtain competence in technology it is necessary to gain literacy with these terms and symbols.

Technology education is also cited for the development of certain Foundation skills. Problem solving, critical thinking and cognitive development are all skills which have measurable results. The positive relationship between technology education, individual responsibility and self - concept is also strongly in evidence.

Academic and skill requirements for all workers are being increased by technology. Career awareness and employability are key talents to maintain in the world of work. In the modern business environment, the ability to communicate, adapt, diagnose problems and find creative solutions are more important than ever before. These attributes can be nurtured and honed through study in Industrial and Technology education.

There is a growing consensus in society today that Industrial and Technology education should be enhanced in our educational system and that these programs have demonstrated, beyond question, bringing coherence to our fragmented academic world while enhancing student performance in other academic disciplines. Industrial and Technology instructors ask their students daily to engage in learning activities which require use of higher-order thinking skills like analysis, synthesis and evaluation.

Industrial and Technology Education have a far reaching potential to help student overall success in reaching educational goals. Students who have a good background in Industrial and Technology courses are likely to have a richer source of information and insight to draw upon, compared to those who do not take advantage of these courses.

Student engagement and persistence improve with a technology - based curriculum as well as making the classroom a lively, invigorating experience. With an emphasis on discovery and an ability to stimulate a variety of learning styles, Industrial and Technology courses nourish enthusiasm and motivation for learning. Industrial and Technology education also teaches discipline, the value of sustained effort to achieve desired results, and the tangible rewards of hard work. All these factors encourage higher attendanc , develop socialabilty, self - esteem, and motivate a desire for excellence.