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AP English Language

To future AP Lang. students: All AP Eng. Lang. teachers (Avdul/Petkovic) will be using the same assignment below.

Summer Assignment Instructions:

DUE DATE: AUGUST 20, 2019 -- Turn in electronically through google docs in Google Classroom.  To submit on Google Classroom, join the class using this code: 


Should a tech issue emerge and another method is needed, you may send your work to the instructors teaching AP Lang. next year: Ms. Avdul or  Ms. Petkovic (holly.avdul@lausd.net or sbp1800@lausd.net respectively).  For other tech-related concerns, you may also contact alejandra.p.vargas@lausd.net (Dr. Warner). 


Online submission is preferred unless impossible -- we have English teacher aversion to paper clutter.  However, if necessary, you may submit a paper copy that is due at the same time as the online submission (i.e. on the first day of instruction: August 20, 2019).

The Summer Reading Assignment is attached here as a word document or pdf if you wish to download now, but it is best to open your copy directly from your Google drive once you join the Summer AP Google Classroom page (Sign in to Google Classroom and use this code to add the class: (0erd5tt).  Once you've joined and open the document, an automatic copy will be present in your Google Drive. You may type your answers directly into the google doc provided for you (individual copies made for each student). You may also handwrite your assignment (if necessary). Include a title in your document with: LAST NAME, FIRST NAME, AP LANG SUMMER ASSIGNMENT.




AP ENG LANG Reading Tips:


Please prioritize any reading lists that your AP teachers provide.  Reading compehension skills and enhanced vocabulary will help you on the AP test, particularly in swiftly completing the multiple choice portion.  However, there's nothing wrong with preparing in the summer, especially if you have a busy year ahead.  Attached is a starter list of popular AP texts and a list of the top texts used on the test.  Enjoy!