arc is the after school program here at Kennedy. We bridge the opportunity gap by creating transformational learning opportunities that empower youth to realize their full potential. Some of our most popular classes are; Drivers-ed, Kennedy Fitness & Learning Center. We also have outdoor activities such as camping, kayaking, rock climbing, and more everything we do it’s free, for more info come to SP12.



KENNEDY HS 2019-2020 video!





Kindness week campaign 

Kindness Week

Kennedy is proud to join The Great Kindness Challenge, along with 15 million students in over 27,656 schools in 115 countries. Our Kennedy Kindness Challenge is a school-wide event that challenges all students and staff to complete as many acts of kindness as possible toward each other and our community throughout the week of February 24-28. Every student was provided a checklist of The Kennedy Kindness Challenge of 50 kind deeds to complete during the week. Our student groups, parent center, and teachers lead various Kindness Stations during lunch to help our students complete the challenge. Congratulations to our Seniors who completed the most acts of Kindness throughout the school. At Kennedy, we continue to demonstrate kindness year-round to promote an inclusive and welcoming school environment. Kindness Counts at Kennedy





Spring is here. Time to enjoy the beautiful weather! We planned so many more activities and events for the remainder of 2020. Let’s reflect on the accomplishments we had during the month of February. We were able to take 6 of our leadership students to the arc Ambassador Camp in San Pedro. On February 29th, we hiked to the Hollywood Sign and then to the wisdom tree. Great things are coming up in the following weeks. We are taking 6 students to Sacramento to rally and support afterschool funding. Students will meet with our representatives and express the importance of keeping these programs open. SRLA will be running the LA marathon Sunday, March 8. Right before spring break, we will have our annual spring carnival on April 3rd. For more information in upcoming events come to SP17.

Happy new year!

By Kevin Pham ASC - January


Welcome back Cougars to the start of a new year, a new semester, and a new you! I hope you had a fantastic winter break with the company of your loved ones. I want to take some time to congratulate our Band & Cheer program on their respective completions in the month of December they were able to get 1st place. We are so proud of your hard work and determination you put in every day. Now it’s time to get back to the routine. I am so excited to start a new semester with all of you. We have an ambitious agenda for the year; We have our Kindness campaign in the month of January. We have our camping field trip on February 1-3 at Point Fermin, San Pedro.  We will be taking 6 TAC student leaders. Don’t forget to take advantage of our tutoring program every Monday thru Thursday from 3:00-4:30 pm & Monday – Friday from 6:45-7:45 am. Cougars don’t wait until the end, take advantage now!



- By Kevin Pham ASC, - December 2019



As the year comes to an end and we look forward to 2020. This year we had a lot of fun for the Fall semester, from helping with freshman orientation to weekend camping trips we are looking forward to the next semester! With more than 40 students in our arc Leadership Council and 40 leaders in WeCLUB, the only way we can go is up! We are looking forward to helping our students by providing more quality programs that help our students realize their true potential. Have a wonderful winter break and I’ll see you all next year! Stay tone for upcoming events and new classes this next semester.





On Thursday November 21, students, teachers, and parents participated in our "Not Cool to Juul" event hosted by our Youth Development Group & Advocates for Healthy Choices. The Kennedy community rallied behind the anti-vaping/tobacco campaign where they gained information about the effects of vaping, how to use alternative coping skills, pledged not to use tobacco products, and ways to help themselves and peers. The Youth Development Group & Advocates for Healthy Choices will be providing more information in our Parent Center in the Spring and will host another anti-vaping/tobacco event in February. For more information regarding the effects of vaping, or if you need assistance, call 1-800-QUITNOW or




By Jonathan Aguilar, arc Student Writer  

Kennedy’s “Start with Hello” week was an ultimate success. The goal was to bring out everyone to the quad to socialize and connect with others to make establish new friendships. On Monday, arc started with “Hey Day” where everyone could meet new people to make new friends. On Tuesday, everyone joined arc at the quad to take a group picture in a happy face formation. On Wednesday, students sat with other students at tables corresponding to their birthday month. Thursday included “Cups N’ Compliments” where arc provided lemonade and wrote compliments on cups for other students to receive. Friday concluded the week event with “Friendship Friday” where new friendships that were developed and everyone crafted their own bracelets for each other.





Alex Delgado, arc Student Writer- 


On Wednesday, August 22, three arc student council representatives Daniel Lopez, Camille Reynaga, and Alexandra Delgado, along with David Montoya (arc Coordinator), and Nina DeVillar (PSW) were invited to attend an LA City Council meeting at City Hall. They attended on behalf of the Sandy Hook Promise Foundation to support the establishment of the SAVE Promise Club and Sandy Hook Promise Know the Signs programs in all schools across LAUSD. This was an amazing experience for the students as they got to witness this meeting and how they can make a difference.




By Kevin Pham ASC - September 
Great job on finishing August strong! Even though it was a short month, Kennedy and arc did great things for our students to raise school spirit and let you know about all the opportunities we offer. First we kicked off with our “Welcome Back Lunch Events”, and then we continued with “Club Rush”, where students had the opportunity to sign up for new clubs. This year arc will partner with Sandy Hook Foundation to continue supporting our SAVE Promise Club. We are also starting our Black Student Union, tap dance class, and arts & crafts class. We are continuing our “WE CLUB”, which will focus on providing opportunities for students to complete their community service hours.





Have you ever wanted to put your physical capabilities to the test? Every year arc is a part of the annual Teen Adventure Challenge a youth race that brings communities across Southern California together to inspire young people to step out of their comfort zones and explore new opportunities in the outdoors. This year the event took place on March 11, at Hansem Dam Park by the aquatic center. Kennedy sent four teams to compete against other schools from Los Angeles, Riverside and San Diego. The Teams’ raced through a strategically designed wilderness course that included a series of adventure-based activities and team building challenges and gave students an opportunity to practice leadership and life skills in a safe and fun environment. The teams were made up of three students that made their way through each portion of the race: kayaking, mountain biking, rock climbing, and a series of team building challenges. We were also able to take volunteers who assisted at each of the stations to ensure that each leg of the race went smoothly. All in all, the event was fun for all participants creating everlasting memories for each of our beloved cougars who gave 110%. Congratulations to the Fupa Boyz who took first place in the High school division in the teen adventure challenge. Your team brought energy, dedication, and passion to bring home the win, and your sportsmanship and teamwork make you true role models for all that participated.