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How To Join Schoology (Parents)

Video: How to join the LAUSD Parent Portal, add a student, and access Schoology



NOTE: See PDFs in sidebar for written directions with screenshots and illustrations for each of the following steps.  

Step 1: Create an LAUSD Parent Portal (PASSport) Account

  1. Click here to access the registration window for the LAUSD parent portal for resources including Schoology.
  2. Choose the last option, "Register for an LAUSD Account."
  3. Provide all of the required information (first name, last name, email address, security image).
  4. Next, check your email for a notification sent to complete account registration process.
  5. Activate your account by clicking on “Activate my LAUSD account.”
  6. This will open a web page where you can complete the registration process.
  7. Click on “Create password or Reset my password.”
  8. Review the Responsible Use Policy (RUP) and click on the box next to “I agree with the terms and conditions of LAUSD.”
  9. Indicate whether you accept the conditions by clicking on “Accept” or “Decline.”
  10. Read the instructions for creating an acceptable password.
  11. Enter and re-enter new password, then click "Submit."
  12. You will receive a notification that your LAUSD Account is Activated.
  13. Click on the PASSport icon. You can now log in using your email and password.


Step 2: Link your Parent Portal account to your child's LAUSD district identification number

(NOTE: You can locate your child's district ID number on his or her JFK student ID card.)

  1. Go here (PASSport.lausd.netand choose "Login" to your access your Parent Portal account.
  2. Under ‘My Students’, click on Add or remove students.
  3.  Read Instructions for Manage Associated Students then click on: “GET STUDENT AND PIN”
  4.  Provide the requested information and click “GET PIN”. (Be sure to use the correct format for entering birth date MM/DD/YYYY)
  5. a. Identify yourself by selecting your name and click “This is me.”
    b. Repeat step 4 and step 5a for each child attending LAUSD.
    c. Click on “FINISH” to finish retrieving your student pins.
    d. Follow the remaining instructions on the “Add Student” page to complete the student association process.
  6. a. Select and highlight student name from the left column, “Choose Students.”
    b. Click on top arrow. Your student’s name should appear in the “Selected Students” box.
    c. Repeat this process for each students (Note: You can select all students by holding down the “Ctrl” key while clicking.)
  7.  Verify that all your students have been added to the “Selected Students” column and click on “Save”.
  8. When you “Save” ‘Selected Students’, you are returned to your Parent Portal Main Page, and the students you retrieved will be available in the ‘My Students’ section.
 Step 3: Access Schoology from the LAUSD Parent Portal
  1. Select the Grades & Assignments icon on the Student Page.
  2. Click the name of any of the courses.
  3. The first time Schoology is accessed through the Parent Portal, a login window will open. Login using the same email and password used to create the Parent Portal account.
  4. The Schoology window will open. All courses will appear in the Schoology window, no matter which course name was selected in Parent Portal.
Step 4: Access Schoology directly
once Schoology has been accessed through the Parent Portal, it is possible to login directly through the Schoology web page at