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Library Vision and Mission

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Vision Statement - @ Library

Creating a culture of critical thought, collaboration, inclusion, and perseverance to empower and educate today's youth.

Mission Statement - @Library

Inspire students to engage in rigorous inquiry by examining diverse points of view, applying technology, and collaborating to solve current and future problems.

Schoolwide Learner Outcomes - SLO's in the Library

Effective Communicators 
Students will use speaking, listening, reading and writing skills to convey information effectively.
Active Collaborators
Students will work together to create solutions and share multiple viewpoints in a respectful manner.
Digital Citizens 
Students will use a variety of technological tools and strategies to enhance individual learning.
Critical Thinkers
Students will use critical thinking to solve problems, make decisions, and examine issues from diverse perspectives. 
Mrs. Cedillo's Philosophy
The library is a safe space for reading, research, creativity, collaboration, and volunteering.