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What is a Scholarship?

  • A scholarship is free money that never has to be paid back. It is usually based on a characteristic, ability, or achievement. It is intended to help students further their education.
  • Most local scholarships open in the Spring.  Please read additional scholarship criteria on the applications CAREFULLY to make sure you're eligible!

Scholarship Search Engines

Scholarship Buddy - California: This site has scholarships that are only for CA students!

GoingMerry: One of the most popular new scholarship sites, includes a good list of scholarships for CA students.

Scholarships360: A really good scholarship search engine.

Congressional Hispanic Caucus: A very good resource that allows you to customize your list of scholarships.

Fastweb: Huge scholarship website.

SmartScholar: Scholarship site that allows you to search by various characteristics.

CollegeXpress: Good site with scholarship listings and other college information.

Scholarships4HighSchool:  Made by and for high school students!

Scholarships by Deadline