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Global Leadership & Environmental Action Magnet (GLEAM)

Where students are agents of global change


Change Agents

Students in the Global Leadership & Environmental Action Magnet (GLEAM) will learn about the challenges currently facing our local, national, and global community with regard to environment and climate today. Student will explore how environmental issues are also human rights issues facing our world through curriculum organized around the UN 17 Sustainable Development Goals which offer a blueprint to achieve a better and more sustainable future for all.

Civic engagement, social justice, and environmental advocacy will be incorporated into all branches of academics to prepare our students for pathways leading to careers in the sciences, politics/government, social activism, and business.

Global Leaders

GLEAM students lead community initiatives such as maintaining the GLEAM Green Space on campus and implementing a “Billion Acts of Peace” service learning project as part of our partnership with PeaceJam, a global youth organization led by 14 Nobel Peace Laureates.

AP courses within the Global Leadership Environmental Action Magnet will participate in the AP with WE Service program, sponsored by the College Board. AP with WE Service brings service learning and project based learning to the classrooms. Students apply their academic learning to real-world settings and situations by being active in meaningful community-based service. They work on problems that make academic learning relevant while enhancing their leadership and social skills, analytic ability, and civic responsibility. 

Environmental Activism

One of the primary goals of the Global Leadership Environmental Action Magnet is to encourage cross discipline exploration and analysis through concrete “real world” applications such as interdisciplinary projects, project-based learning, and service learning.

GLEAM is the proud recipient of an “Explore the Coast” grant from the CA Coastal Conservancy. This funding allows teachers to embed fieldwork at local beaches and marine life educational centers to encourage students to develop an understanding of their responsibility to preserve and maintain California’s coast.

The teachers are super supportive and always incorporate elements of our magnet theme in our work."

Madison, GLEAM student


Our graduates continue their studies at some of the most prestigious colleges and universities in the country.