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MMED Board Student Resources

Kennedy students are required to complete 100 hours of community service before they graduate. A great way for our Medical Magnet students to fulfill these hours is to volunteer time in one of our local hospitals. Here are some of the hospitals where Kennedy Medical Magnet students have volunteered their time.

Cedars Sinai Teen Volunteer Program

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles Teen Volunteer Program

Kaiser Panorama City Teen Volunteer Program

Providence Holy Cross Hospital Volunteer Program Info and Application

UCLA Health Volunteen Summer Program

Valley Presbyterian Hospital Teen Volunteer Program

Here is a list of volunteering opportunities you can do virtually if you’re interested in helping or if you’d like to complete some community service hours.


More Volunteering Opportunities

Here in the Medical Magnet, our goal is to provide as many opportunities to help students to learn and explore the medical field. And once our students leave to embrace their dream, they will obtain many useful skills and information regarding the medical fields and have a future planned for themselves.

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